Three Philosophies That Can Change Your Life

Tulika Singhal
Mar 26, 2019   •  669 views

Our life is full of challenges. They can be simple or complex. Commonly observed, the new opportunities often comes wrapped with the packing of great struggles. And therefore it takes great effort to unwrap the opportunity. Each of you who is reading this, can relate to the fact that there are certain things which need to be learned and some ideas, which only life teaches us. I would like to share the three most important philosophies which have changed my life and hope that it can create an impact on your life as well.

1. The race is long and in the end, it is only with yourself

This is the very major philosophy I have learnt through my 21 years of journey. The thing which I learnt with the passage of time is that truly, Race is with yourself only. There is no one in the world with whom you can compete with. You are at fault if you measure your success with anyone else, that will only push you away from your destination which you will never arrive at the end. It is in your hand whether you want to decide your own goals or let others decide your future? It is your choice to celebrate each achievement with full zeal and enthusiasm or not? I feel, in our haste, we forget to enjoy simple pleasures of life like a talk with your parents, walking on the beach holding hand of a loved one etc.

Always remember the saying- Life is a journey, not a destination.

I hope that you are enjoying your race too.

2. Time and Karma

Time teaches us various lessons. One widely discussed point but yet very important to be touched upon once again is the rule of karma. In my experience, karma always comes back. We have often hear the idiom- "As you sow so shall you reap". We know that when bird is alive it eats ants, but when the bird dies, ants eat it. One tree can be made into thousand of matchsticks but one matchstick can burn the million trees. These examples have made me realize that circumstances change so we should never hurt someone be it a living or non- living thing.

Recall that You are powerful but Time is more powerful than You.

3. Don't be afraid to choose and choose again

Another idea that have created a huge impact on my life is the concept of choosing. Choosing is something you can do it again. Each individual learns from his mistake. It is not always you make a false choice. And in case, you have made a false choice then life gives you a second chance. It is the beauty of our life.

The microcosm of activities from shaving to moving into a new city. It all does not require too much of thinking. You do it and if you don’t feel the outcome you have a power to chose over again. It might take some time but is not impossible. And do remember if your relatives, close ones judge you for it then it's the alarm for you to choose better friends as well who can support you in your ability to change and improve simultaneously.

Don't regret. God always give you another chance to improve on something.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a LIFE.