Learn To Cherish Your Relationships

Tulika Singhal
Jun 04, 2019   •  467 views

We get one life and this one life is very demanding. In between dealing with all life troubles and struggling to make our space in this already occupied place, we get so wrapped up that we forget to cherish what we have.This speed has made us forget our present moment. We spend half of our lives thinking about the past and half of it, in building future. So where does the present go? Are we really living or just surviving for the sake of it?

I love my family, we are friends forever; all these sayings amuse to our ears but do we actually mean them? Do we really pay attention to them which they deserve ? Recall last time when did you show love to your loved ones?

In this materialistic world, there is only one thing which binds us together and that is our relationships. Relationships have a great impact on us. Each relationship has its hand in making us what we are today. We owe very much of us to them. So we must value them and cherish them. To cherish means to show love, care, to protect, to be kind towards your relations. Each relationship is different and special in its own way. Show them that you are blessed to have them in your life. Make them feel important. No matter how big or the small your group is, just give your time to them. Don’t wait for the call; make a call if you want to talk. Keep your ego aside and do whatever you wish to do. Give gifts to them to make them feel that how special they are. Talk to them to make them feel that you still remember them. Go and meet them and let them know, you still value them.

No one knows what the future holds us for us. Life changes in a wink of eyes. Life is too small to take grudges and hate for so long. I know that not every relation has a happy tone but we can put our efforts to build them towards positive direction. Focus on small things because these might seem small but matters a lot. Apologize even if you are not wrong because it shows that you value your relations above everything.

Don’t take anything for granted in life. All emotions like love, respect, trust, care – these are all earned over a period of time but can be snatched away any time. So, it is crucial for us to show those people the same emotions to have that vulnerability in life. Life is being made more meaningful because of those relations. We must be thankful to them. We should live our life with the love in our heart.

Relationships are like flowers, very delicate and soft, they need utmost care. Just like watering is done for blossoming the flowers.Similarly, appreciation is required to have good family of relations. Tell everyone, that their presence mean a lot to you. Cherish them and make them feel loved.



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It was just awesome!! U write so well!! Keep it up 😊