What Is Respect In Relationships

Otto Hodytskyi
Dec 30, 2019   •  7 views

The relationship between a man and a woman is one of the main components in people’s lives. Harmonious relations between partners are the key to a happy life together. Few people think about how much effort, patience, and wisdom must be taken in order to make them so. This is a permanent and continuous work, without which people will fail. A person at any age needs care, tenderness, devotion, and love. Sometimes it is not so easy to achieve these desires.

Respect in relationships plays an important role because various problems will appear without it. In couples, this feeling either increases or disappears, which eventually becomes the cause of a breakup. First of all, respect is manifested in accepting your loved ones the way they are. Some single women and men think that respect must be earned, while others have this feeling initially when they meet. But where is that golden mean?


The meaning of love and respect in the family

Concepts like love and respect are often confused. Love is the indescribable feeling of one person to another, this dependence and inspiration. Love is an independent emotion that can’t be controlled, and respect is an acquired, conscious feeling that comes first in the relationship between the sexes. Respect is the recognition of some quality of a person (or a person as a whole) and admiration.

It is said that these concepts are closely related to each other. Without respect, there is no love. But there are also inexplicable cases: when love seems to be there, but there is no respect as such. If there is no strong foundation as respect, then there will probably not be a strong and long relationship. Therefore, before choosing a life partner for yourself, it is necessary to study his or her system of values very carefully. Understand whether this person is worthy of respect.


Why people don’t respect each other

The loss of this feeling doesn’t occur instantly. Negative emotions accumulate and then just break out outside. To avoid this, it is necessary to talk and discuss the problems that have arisen. After all, the relationship between a man and a woman is a very difficult process that requires efforts from both parts. Respecting yourself and your soulmate, you are laying the first brick of long and happy family life.

Without mutual respect, mutual irritation emasculates the senses and reduces mutual physical attraction. Such a relationship often ends in mutual aggression, scandal, and may sooner or later lead to a breakup. Nevertheless, it is possible to build respectful relationships, although it is not easy.

Scenarios for the development of such relationships are laid at the very beginning when people try to please each other and don’t make mistakes, which later become detonators of violent quarrels. The causes of disharmony are rooted, most often, in ourselves. The sooner we are aware of these reasons, the fewer conflicts and crisis situations await us in relationships.


Practical recommendations for respect in relationships

·   Don’t ever make any conditions like “and if...” – thus, you will show absolute respect.

·   Periodically voice each other’s virtues and strong qualities.

·   Express your gratitude for specific actions, feelings.

·   Appreciate good qualities of each other, show interest.

·   Create a favorable atmosphere at home for the restoration of physical and mental strength.

·   Believe unconditionally and trust the decisions of your partner.

·   Remember that people can’t be changed.

·   Respect relatives, close people, and friends of your loved one.

·   Show your partner how proud you are of him or her.