I know it is very easy to say and hard to do. We, human beings, have the tendency to judge every single person we meet but is it a right way to treat people?

We all human beings go through different situations in life and life is hard for everyone who is there on this planet. Everyone’s story is different. We don’t know what they are going through. As it is said, don’t judge a book by its cover; similarly don’t judge a person until you don’t know their story.

I read a story which talked about practical and technical things. For example- In a class, teacher asked a student, If I gave you 2 pencil and 2 more pencils .How many will you have? Student said 5. Teacher again asked how many will you have. He replied the same. Teacher got annoyed. The later the teacher asked if I gave you 2 apples and 2 apples, how many will you have? He replied four. Later teacher asked then why did you say 5 pencils. He said I have 1 pencil already in my bag. Now who can be called wrong? The teacher was correct at his point and the student was right at his position. The teacher was technically right and the student was practically right.

Technical is something which is visible to us, which is at the surface. Practical is the thing which is beyond obvious- the hidden meaning. Whatever we see is not always true, that can be deceptive. And whenever someone doesn't fit in our technical definition, we judge them. So, it's very important for us to find the true fact behind the behaviour of that person whose we find odd to us. For say, you can see that person is angry from you, you are technically right but why that person is angry from you?He or she may be aggressive but what the reason that caused him or her to behave in a certain way?Everyone can be technical right but not practical right. We should try to find out reasons rather judging them.

It is very easy to pass comments on someone. But it can have a very harmful effect on the other person. Not everyone is strong enough. We should not give the tag to a person or should not label them. We should not judge people as we don’t know their story. Everyone is struggling in their lives. We judge so soon but not able to see deep truth hidden behind that. We are not able to figure out what they are going through. We should really pay attention to what we say.

when somone does something wrong, don't forget all the things they did right