Bharat Film Review- A Good Example Of How To Not Make A Film On The Partition

Tiya Singh
Jun 21, 2019   •  12 views

Bharat is not a film about our country 'Bharat', if that's what you were expecting. It is indeed a film about Salman Khan though, just like his most other films. In his larger than life role of a character Named 'Bharat'( very patritotically) by his father, the director fails to deliver any coherent message, leaving the viewers to be incredibly perplexed. In the three hour stretch of the film, I pondered over a lot, except that nne of my thoughts had anything to do with the film itself. The repetive dialogues, the below average songs that fail to capture one's attention, caused many, including most of my extended family, to drift off in the hall.

The women have a limited role. Disha Patani's character was solely present for what seems like just one item song, and the shortest on-screen fling, just to reinforce that female characters can be written off purely at the whims of the maker. Kumud, Katrina Kaif's character shows spunk and spark in some parts, until it spirals down to the conventional ' smitten woman, head-over-heels for the male lead', for no apparent reason, really. Sunil grover's provision of sporadic comic relief and his unfettered loyalty for Bharat set an example of what a good friendship looks like.The rest of the film is an experimentation of random scenes that add up to not a remarkable storyline, say in a film like Inception, but rather a very confusing one.

The only good scene that caught my full attention, was when he is forcefully separated from his father during a maddening rush to catch a train out of an area where a riot is going to happen soon. The few minutes strongly depicting the rootlessness of refugees' lives and the perseverance to regain a normal life are what truly moved the silent hall. If you're watching Bharat, watch it only and only for that scene.

I would recommend you to not watch this film, if you value your time and sanity, especially if you plan on spending half of your precious film vouchers on this, like we ignorantly did. Otherwise, as you'll see for yourself, the film just tends to speed past, in painful 'slow motion', if you will.



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