Right so ever since the Wuhan outbreak occurred I got to know that it’s and industrial area from then on I started to contemplate how much of a difference all the isolation and lock downs would make in the pollution level. As china contributes to a big chunk of Earth’s pollution I knew it would be very significant and as days past more and more countries were going through a lock down which means closing of factories, industries and hence decreased carbon emissions the other big thing; huge decrease in air travel. Since international flights were decreasing exponentially by the day I thought this would contribute to the pollution decrease as well.

Over all I estimated the total pollution to go down by around 40% as the conditions of isolation prevailed in the upcoming days.

Today I checked the news to get some real numbers and details if there were any. And not to my surprise I found that articles were being written since 4 days back. In the following report you can see how many of the things above happened, my estimate was off though but hey atleast the polution’s down big time.

To think of this and estimate was no big thing but since I saw some posts of Idiots saying this I thought oh not everyone thinks of this then.


So what do we learn from this? Well one thing’s for sure, nature has the God gifted ability to fight back. No matter what man does to assert their dominance nor what he persues while drunk in his desire to make more money, the earth will always find a way to restore Nature’s balance. Before 2020 began we all saw those posts where every 20’s in the past 300 years had a huge health pandemic. A big reason for this I believe was nature trying to restore the balance, if you push it, it’ll push back harder and it’ll make you sit down in you home no matter how rich you are, it’ll remind you of your helplessness before it’s power. The economic loss the world is suffering is indeed great but to see the earth healing itself, I’ll gladly take that loss.