Best Places To Visit In 2019

Adnan Khan
Apr 14, 2019   •  2 views

Travelling rejuvenates the soul, the sights we see cool our
eyes, the sounds we hear act as symphonies to our ears,
and the different people and cultures we experience add
to our encyclopaedia of our own journeys of life.
According to a survey by IATA, almost 8 million people set
off to travel every single day. So what deprives of the joy
of travelling? One of the very prevalent reasons may be
that you might not have an idea of what sorts of places
would match your fancy in order to ignite that flare within
for the Great journey. Well, here are our picks for the best
places anyone with the passion for travel should visit this
1. The Maldives.
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The Maldives consists of a series of over 900 islands
which lie right in the heart of the Indian Ocean. It is a
nation that sees a tropical weather all over the year and
receives a whole lot of sunshine, Its fluid beaches and
lagoons are its main attraction. It is also quite an
affordable place for people who wish to see nature’s
beauty at an affordable price and it is totally worth the
money. So if you fancy listening to the sounds of the
waves playing with each other or the sight of the seagullssoaring across the ocean or if you like water in general,

Maldives is the go to place for you this year.
2. Laddakh (India)
Up above in the valleys near the Himalayas lies a cold
desert which just can not stop attracting people from all
sorts of places around the world, Its snow capped ranges
of mountains and its majestic lakes are of the innumerable
things which make laddakh so special, it is a prized jewel
of India’s beauty. The people, the weather, the sky,
everything is as lovely as it can be. Laddakh also has the
highest motor able road in Asia. If you are looking to
escape the heat of this summer into an abyss of mighty
cold mountains, Laddakh is the place for you to head out
right away.
3. Norway
In the Scandinavian Islands, that lie in the north of Europe,
Norway stands with its numerous mountains, valleys,
lakes and glaciers all sights, for travellers to behold.
Norway is also one of the most prosperous and peaceful
countries of the world, the happiness index of Norway is
ranked among the top 10 in the world. So if you want
some really kind hearted and hospitable people to
socialise with along with calming your soul with the beauty
of nature Norway is the place for you. And especially during the June-October period in the north most regions

of the nation you can grasp the lifelong opportunity of
experiencing the sight of the “Aurora borealis” or the
northern lights as many would like to call them that stretch
across the night sky with all their colours, truly a breath
taking sight for the luckiest of travellers.
4. Paris
Paris or “the city of love” as it’s commonly known lies in
the epicentre of Europe, France. Paris is known for its vast
varieties of European architecture the greatest example of
which is the renowned Eifel tower where you can see
numerous couples walking and spending quality time
together. And how can one forget to mention the majestic
cathedrals which stand firm across the city as they are one
of the greatest masterpieces in the field of architecture. So
if you are looking for a place of adventure and love,
somewhere where you and your significant other would
like to lose yourselves into, Paris is the perfect place for
5. Egypt
Treading on with the rhythm of architecture, we arrive to
Egypt, a country known since the beginning of history
itself, a country so old and so rich in its culture that people