Travelling has now become one of the fastest growing technologies. From travelling on foot, travelling via bicycles, now we have motor vehicles which have reduced the travelling time. Expanding the technology, came in the idea of time travel. It was believed that if travelling the 3 dimensions of directions is possible, travelling in the time domain would also be possible.

Time Travel- a concept that each and every person alive fantasizes upon. Though sometimes I just wonder, why? Why is it so important for many people to go back and forth in time? Why living in the present is just not enough for the people? Why is there regret of the past and curiosity of the future?

Many movies have been made on the concept of time travel. From high technology movies like déjà vu to funny movies like action replay, this concept has been implanted into the minds of many. Each movie and article about this brings upon a new perspective and a new way of time travel. With the craze of Avengers: End Game, time stone left another wave of time travel in the minds of all the viewers.

Many scientists believe that time travel can become a reality if some of their experiments are successful and many have spent their lives working hard to make this possible. But even after those tons of efforts, we probably haven’t even reached closer to seeing this happen.

What most people believe about travel is that they can probably reshape their destiny. They wish to go deep into the past and change what they felt is coming back to them in the name of Karma. They also wish to change everything wrong they did in the past so as to have a perfect life in the present and future.

Also, the curiosity of what will happen in the future eats up many people and they just want to know how their life will be in the coming time, how their current decisions will affect their future. They are also much concerned about changing their actions in the present to have a better life in the future.

Maybe, if time travel is invented, many people will stop believing in Karma and more or less, the world would turn into an all positive environment which certainly is not a possibility. As, once the laws of the nature are defied, no one knows how it will all end up.