Hello everyone!!!

PARADIGM is non-other than the root of each and every problem in your life. If you grow your roots in the wrong place you have to face all the problems for sure. you have to face for the “survival of the fittest”. But if you shift your root growth towards the cultivated land then the survival is out of the question for you. You can groom yourself as you want. There are no restrictions on you, As you can do whatever you want in your life. 

So what are paradigms?

Paradigms are nothing but the way you think or Your point of view towards life, society, nature and all other things which affects you very hard. Paradigm is the collective impact of the events happened in your life, your conditioning, your thought process and a little bit genetic also. 

How it forms?

Paradigms are completely depended on your belief system. You believe in something according to the situation. This beliefs are may be facts or may not be. According to your thought process your believes become stronger and some times your believes overpower your existence. Today we are giving to much importance to our believes that’s the reason behind the formation of paradigms. There is one famous scientist in the west, I don’t want to mention his name, he said that “ I think ,so I exist ”. So tell me why you are thinking? Absolutely you are thinking because you are existing. If you stop thinking then also you are existing, Right?  

Because of giving to much attention to your thoughts you tend to form believes, your beliefs gives you result in your life maybe they are positive or negative based on that experience you start forming Paradigms.

Paradigms effect in your life

Paradigms affects your life in many dimensions. Sometimes it’s good for you and some time gives an adverse effect on your life. Human is a thinking animal. That’s why humans affected because of his thought process. That’s why he assumes something and because of his assumption, he becomes judgemental. Due to all this stuff, he started developing his point of view towards life and he started believing that his point of view is the truth of the universe for him. 

I would like to share one story with you, there were 5 blind peoples and one elephant in one village. Every blind went toward the elephant to feel that elephant and described that elephant according to his point of view. Like one blind compare elephant with the broom as he touched his tail and thought that his tail is a complete elephant. Another one went and felt his stomach & said that “the elephant is just like a sac.” Next one went and touched his trunk and thought that was a complete elephant & compare the elephant with a flexible rod. Another one compares the elephant with a big plate and the next one compare an elephant with the pillars. Because of their different points of views clashes happened in between them. No one is wrong in this but the reality is completely different. like that everyone has their own paradigms and based on that they trying to find out the reality. If you really want to see what is real then you have to stop believing and start discovering. 

Paradigms are something on bases of that you your whole life. Your progress in your life, your emotional, psychological and physical health completely depends on your Paradigms. If you are not in that place in your life where nothing can you. Then there is something wrong with you and that something is nothing but your paradigm. 

Can we change our paradigms? If yes then how to change that?

Our mind is work on a program which we store in it. If we change that program then mind working will also change. If nothing is going according to our expectations in our life then it is necessary to change our Paradigms in our life. This is possible by shifting our paradigms. Paradigms shifting is nothing but changing your point of view towards something. Let us take one example if you want to be rich and you think like that money is not a priority for you then you have to shift your paradigm to you can’t survive without money in this world. 

By shifting your paradigms you will achieve whatever you want in your life. We have a conscious mind and subconscious mind. We conscious mind produces different thoughts, we take a decision or we agree or disagree with that thought. If we completely disagree with that thought then that thought will discard but if we didn’t react or agree that thought then that thought will enter in our subconscious mind and we started acting subconsciously on that thing so it builds paradigms. If you want to shift those paradigms then you have to open your mind for different thought and you have to accept that thought then your subconscious mind automatically shift your paradigm to that phase. According to that paradigms, your body & mind reacts. Based on paradigms your physical, social and psychological behavior is depended.                                        

What is the power of thoughts?                     

nowadays we are giving to much importance to our thoughts. Some philosophers build that phenomena that our whole existence created by the way we are thinking. Everyone is responsible for their circumstances based on their thinking process & how they think solely.

In this physical world thought beings so important because initially, they will give you a thrill because you created a few things with your thought. If you generate a powerful thought you can make certain things happen, you can have a certain power over other people and situations. But this kind of approach is a very unhealthy way to live a life. It is not the ultimate solution to life. You may be effective in the world but within yourself you still a mess then, what is a point?

you take education in our life which provides you the thought process due to that, you become effective in the world & you will do things efficiently. You may earn a lot of money, you can be successful, everybody thinks that you are great but you are a mess within yourself. Then what’s the point. You want to look good in some people's eyes. That’s not going to change the experience of your life. What somebody thinks about you why is it so important? Or what you think about yourself why is it so important? Whatever you think about yourself whatever the whole world thinks about you have no existential relevance. It is only psychological relevance that may be social relevance but no existential relevance. You can make your thoughts to make physical situations but you cannot existentially move on with the help of thought because it has psychological and social relevance in your life. 

How shifting of paradigms work?

For being effective in this physical world, for fulfilling your desires, for being a powerful person you need to create a powerful thought. These thoughts to shift your paradigms which will help you to spend your life more peacefully and happily. It will help you to grow in psychological and in the social world. if you are suffering at a psychological level then by changing your point of view you will stop suffering and become more open to the world and you can live happily.

I would like to mention one poem on paradigms

जिंदगी को देखनेका सबका अपना अपना अलग नजरिया होता है। 

कोई चार दिवारों में बंद होकर भी दुनिया से प्यार करता है... 

और कोई दुनिया से जुड़े हुए होकर भी अकेला होता है। 

किसी का महल भी उसे रहने के लिए कम पड़ता है... 

और कोई चार फिट की जमीन सोने को मिल जाए तो खुश होता है। 

किसी को दूर से बाग में खिलें फुलोंकी खुशबू आ रही है... 

तो किसी के पास गुलदस्ता सूखा पड़ा है। 

किस्मत चाहे कैसी भी हो उसे कैसे देखना ये हमारे हाथ में होता है। 

क्योंकि किसी को जिंदगी से कोई शिकवा नहीं.... 

और कोई हर बात पे शिकायत करके गम के सागर में डूबा पडा है। 

Thank you!!!