"A friend is one of the nicest thing to have and one of the greatest thing to be."

We all need friends. Friends are the ones who care for us, appreciate us and are there for us. They hold an important part of our lives. Therefore, it is very important that we make friends.

Being a friend is not really a difficult task. But still, some people find it difficult to get along with others and end up having a very few friends, they feel lonely and sad.

Here are a few tips that might help you in winning more friends:

  1. Be yourself: When you meet a aperson first, don't pretend to be extra nice. Just behave like you are. Speak what you think. But at least be genuinely sweet.

  2. Talk about random things: You don't need to keep talking about just one topic. Talk about various things like music, movies, news, even jokes. Give your opinions about things and ask the other person about their personal opinion.

  3. Don't keep talking, listening is a must: A good listener can always be a good friend. You should always give the other person a chance to speak. If you're the only one speaking, chances are the person will get bored and leave. Nod gently in response to what they are saying and reiterate a point they've made so that they know you're listening.

  4. Be polite: When you talk to a person, observe your tone. Talk in a polite manner. When you don't like something that the other person says or you disagree, don't become offensive. Kindly tell them that you disagree.

  5. Be humble: It is very important that you behave in a humble manner. Believe me, people hate arrogant people. Do not boast about how rich you are or how successful you are. Don't give them a chance to think that you are a conceited and boastful person. You wouldn't like a person who takes too much pride in himself, would ya? So, be modest and do not boast!

  6. Be humorous: Tell them the best jokes you know! Use your sense of humour. When you make a person laugh, they immediately develop a liking towards you and before you know it, you've made a friend!

  7. Make them comfortable: Once a person becomes comfortable in talking to you, they start to like being with you. Be an easygoing person. Do not ask people about things they don't want to answer, like their past or some mishap. Keep smiling when you're talking to them, they should think that you're a happy and relaxed person. Do not complain about things or tell them how unlucky you are or how bad person of you are. Don't give them a chance to think negative about you.

I hope my suggestions help you and may you be blessed with lots and lots of friends!