My Story Of Digital Transformation

Aanchal Mishra
Nov 10, 2020   •  4 views

In the 2020s, everyone is trying to adapt to the benefit and toxicities of digital era. Even I did tried. I was already a tech geek person who used to prefer microsoft word for writing long letters instead of pen & paper. I used to prepare google sheets to make charts & send texts by fake IDs to test honesty of friends instead of asking for treats.

 I considered myself a great tech geek till that. But then 2020 arrived and educational system proved me wrong as everyone started giving the best out of everything. I felt the dumbest when I was totally unaware about autoproctor thing and people were using it for conducting tests. I would mention here the codes of it proved itself as a failure because of lag issues & wrong timing autocaptures but still I respect for the hidden tech- knowledge of rest.

Suddenly online lectures and everything virtual made my whatsapp fill like a dustbin with every silliest msg like

"Lecture m sunai dera hai?"

"Google classroom m attach kaise karu?"

"Yeh google meet m login kaise karte hai" and so on.

My tech knowledge which was used to make and utilise google tools became common and I wasn't special anymore. Thankfully, designing wasn't still anyone's cup of tea and it saved me. 

But then there came a random day which was filled with frustations. I had saved 2 different numbers with exactly same name in hurry. And guess what? Both were without DPs. One was my best friend other was senior. In this tech hallucination, I ended up throwing my frustation in wrong chat. And I got reply "Mai kya karu" I thought why is my bestie acting so rude? I ignored. 

Coincidently same evening, bestie texted me. And I realised this whatsapp dustbin made me pick wrong number. I felt miserable.

All was okay till then. Suddenly I, who was the weakest student in classroom was in toppers list. Yes because I was the talented one who could copy virtually. This made me mistrust my caliber and I got motivated to be a topper. And in the next test, I could top after studying. (I just dreamt of it) 

I can just thank to 2020 that now no one is weak for technological platforms and that we all stand equally in competitive world. Even if there were mishaps earlier, but now everyone have balanced and could tackle things in proficient way. So yes lastly, A disclaimer note  -

Everything above was fictional, I can't appreciate my imagination skills anymore. I am a writer and I don't even know the spelling of tcehnoolgy.