Tom Cross was a high school teacher, he had a special student named Tina. A 17-year-old girl who always smiled. This was a big deal for her because she had a cerebral palsy disease. Her body muscles were stiff and unmanageable, so she had to use a walker.

 Tina used to have difficulty in speaking but looking at her smile, anyone could say that she is such a sweet girl. The rest of the students did not talk to him much, but Tina used to greet every classmate.


 One day Tom gave the class an assignment. The entire class had to learn the first 3 stanzas of "Don't Quit" Poem. This assignment was 10 points. By the way, Tom did not expect that students would do anything because he too used to ignore such assignments when he was a student.

 When he was given the assignment, he saw Tina's face. She looked upset. Today her smile was missing. Tom wanted to say to her"Don't worry Tina. It's only 10 points. '' And when it came time for the Poem Resume, Tom pulled out the roster. One after the other students were failing to reset the Poem's lines.

 Everyone said the same "(" Sorry, Sir ".) Anyway, it is only 10 points. Tom was frustrated. He said that now it will be turned to do 10 push-ups if someone fails. But Tom is surprised. When he saw that the next number was Tina's. But Tina stood up.


 She sat in her walker and came in front of the class. She started speaking lines, her words were not clear but she read the first stanza. And when Usan When he did a mistake, he removed the walker and fell on the floor.

Tina, I was joking. "Tom said." But Tina did the full 10 push-ups. then flipped back to her Walker. She stood up and started speaking lines again. He also completed the remaining 2 stanzas. He had read all three stanzas. Tina was the only one in the whole class who completed this assignment.

 Later a classmate asked him "Tina, why did you do this? It was only about 10 points. So Tina responded after a great effort" because I want to be normal like you guys "The whole class was silent... Then a student said "Tina we are not normal people, we are teenagers who always do some mischief" "I know" Tina said smiling. 

Tina got her 10 points that day. But more than that He won the respect and love of his classmate. For her, these 10 points were equal to 100 points.

“Sometimes something is everything for someone”