The Next Time

The next time, when you hold on to a girl’s hand when she’s crossing the road, remember that you’re assuring her with safety and kindness. She’s one step closer to opening her heart to you. She has become one tad bit of more fragile to you. It’s because she believes you want to protect her.

The next time, when you tell her that she’s the one for you, remember that you’re making her feel unique. All the insecurities that she had buried deep in her heart are gone just like that, in the blink of an eye, by your kind words. Your kind words made her believe in herself and made her abandon the thought of the need of being better than other women. She embraced her individuality in that moment.

The next time, when you embrace her tightly, remember that she let you hold your heart against her because she believes in the resonance emanated from two souls draining their emotions in an embrace and letting go of everything else. She’s weak in that moment, when you embrace her. You make her feel like a queen, lovingly cradled in a king’s arms.

The next time, when you make love to her, remember that she trusts you. You have now crossed all barriers of transience, and now you are her constant. There is not backing up from being her partner in happiness, sadness and sickness. You are one with her now. She dreams of raising her children with you. She dreams of becoming a mother sometimes. You can’t call anything that you do now a ‘blunder’ anymore.

The next time when you make her smile, remember that she spends the time when she isn’t smiling to find out the things that will make you smile. She keeps her hair long and untied, she wears pretty nail paints, puts on dainty earrings and sometimes learns new recipes to cook for you. She makes you handmade gifts and buys flowers for you.

The next time when you dance with her, remember, that you’re making her dreams come true. She has always dreamt of being Cinderella while she was a child. She always wanted to dance with her prince to her favourite song. And she chose you. She silently made you her prince and you didn’t even realise how important it is to her.

The next time when you make her feel special, remember to keep it like that, because it’s irreversible. She spent a lot of her time, may be months and years, convincing herself that she’s special to you. She has relied on that thought to embellish her life with happiness, peace and hope. Don’t take it away in a few moments. Don’t break someone’s heart overnight.