Pencil & Eraser(The Untold Love)

Abhina Jose
Mar 26, 2020   •  59 views

I tried to hide in the dark tarp.

But you said you wanna see the same.

I don't know how you loved it!

All the time I see my eyes tears

rolling...rolling and rolling

You wanna hold my hands.. but

I wanna leave it forever ..but

I find no way.. you are my way

Down in the ocean you met me

In the sky you hugged me

I wish to leave.... but

you clasped me tight!

I know you love me and wanna

my heartbeat......

But you know I am here in the down

and will be here till the last zephyr


I will leave you as I love you

I will stay away as my heart is

always yours….

I will push you away as my lips

will crush your eyes

Heart, I controlled but you chant

                      I NEED YOU

I am curtailing but my breath chant

                     I LOVED YOU

                      I LOVE YOU

                 I WILL LOVE YOU