Body Shaming - The Nasty Humor

Ganga Ganesh
Jul 04, 2019   •  77 views

Have you ever noticed the growing trend of body concern among people. Many magazines offering tips to weight loss or weight gain, body sharpeners, You Tube videos are all gaining high demand these days. These are the after effects of body shaming. Many people have a thought that they are not physically good as they are too fat or too slim. This make them to go for products and advices in social media.

Body shaming is the practice of making critical, potentially humiliating comments about a person's body size or shape. Comments like "too skinny", " too fat "are a part of body shaming. In many circumstances people may make jokes on others based on their physical appearance. It may be among a friendship group or among family members. Criticizing another's appearance in front of a person or making a judgement or comparison with other persons often leads to shame and develops a fake thought that people are always judged on their appearance. Even the advertisements in TV or magazines showing products to become fatty or skinny is a way of body shaming. A person seeing this add may thought that being skinny or fatty is a bad physical aspect.

Why is body shaming so common?

Body shaming is becoming common mainly in the TV or social media. The main aim is to make use of people's thought that they are not physically good so that their products can find a wide customers. It is common to show a before and after picture which forces people to buy those products. So body shaming is their method of selling products to get a good business.

Destructive criticism is also a cause of body shaming. Many people express their opinions to others in a tone of criticism. For example, a person in a new dress is judged by his/her friends and making jokes about it or addressing it with their physical appearance may emotionally affects the victims. It is found that women are the most victims to body shaming, hence they go for more beauty and fitness products.

How to deal with body shaming?

Body shaming can affect the feelings of a person and it may put down the confidence and develops inferiority among the people. People should be able to respect their body. A person who has self acceptance will never becomes the victim of body shaming. Follow some of the tips given below to deal with body shaming.

  • Respect and accept your body

Everyone is not perfect. All of them have some strengths and weakness. Our success lies in identifying our strengths. If you are well aware about your physical goods and limitations you are free from body shamers. Whenever someone points out your bad physical aspect you can think of your good part which they may lack.

  • Speak up against body shaming

If you found anyone making shame of you or another person stop them and warn them against body shaming. Make them understand the bad effects of such an action.

  • Choose your friends in the right way

Intentionally surround yourself with people who talk positively and promote body acceptance and self love. Stay more connected with body positive feeds on your Instagram, Facebook etc. Try to follow body positive celebrities and people.

  • Come out from hiding

Some people may hide from others feeling shame about their body. People may cover their body with extra clothing, may become an introvert or sit silently in a group. You should come out of this comfort zone and should be free to engage with public. Once you start trying it you will automatically develop the courage to deal with people.