Places To Visit In A Day When In Guwahati

Swagata Kashyap
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This Saturday, i was bored out of my mind and wanted to do something “fun”. So i called my sister to plan something. And what do you know, early morning yesterday, we were in Bhutan! Well, we weren’t really in the heart of Bhutan, but we were definitely inside Bhutan. I mean, while all my friends are in Dubai, Paris or Thailand- the least I can do is go to Bhutan. For a day. But it’s better than laying in bed. Right?

So I thought I’d make a list of places to visit in a day (and get aesthetic pictures) when in Guwahati. So following are 5 places to visit in a day when in Guwahati.

This is the most cliché place each and every Assamese visits when they want a quick weekend getaway. Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya. It is a beautiful hilly area famous for its markets, waterfalls and weather.

Time taken: It takes about 2 Hrs 45 Mins from Guwahati to reach Shillong
How to reach: The best way to reach there is by car. If you’re not a resident, you can hire a car for a day. A lot of local travel agencies in Guwahati lets you rent a car for the day. You can drive around yourself or even get a driver to drive you around. You can also hire Uber and Ola cabs to go to Shillong. That way, it is more easy to navigate and go around. Apart from that, if you are a little more ‘edgy’ you can travel in a motorcycle.

Places to visit: The main places of attraction are Elephant falls, Shillong peak, Ward lake etc. Apart from that, Shillong is a great place from shopping clothes. Police bazaar is famous for its flea market. In and around police bazaar, you’ll find everything you can ever imagine.

Pro tip: Shillong is a small, beautiful place. If you can, try to walk around the place. Around small lanes or streets. It might take you to the best of places. Also, you can try to catch the beautiful sunset at shillong peak because it is totally worth it.

Elephant falls, Shillong

Wards lake, shillong

The view of the Laitlum Canyons will strongly remind you of the Scottish Highlands at their best. Also referred to as the “Sit Valley” by the locals, the Laitlum Canyons are an hour’s drive away from Shillong right there on the Mizoram highway.

Time taken: 3 hours from Guwahati and just 1 hour from Shillong.
How to reach: You can travel in a car till Unmed Road, after which the roads aren’t motorable. You can also take a cab from Shillong to the canyons. The fare should be ranging from 1000 to 1200. From shillong, you can also take a bus to Laitlum

Places to visit: This is the perfect site for a long hike or a short 2 km mini hike. Whatever you choose, it’s better done in a group. Most of the time, the canyons are shrouded in fog and that adds to their ethereal beauty. There is a trail that ends up in a steep flight of steps that forks up and then down to reach a small local village. You could take that if local Meghalaya life fascinates you.This village is Rasong which has 300 odd inhabitants who still rely on an old fashioned ropeway pulley

Pro tip: Try to visit before 5 pm.

3.Samrup Jonkhar
Samrup jonkhar is a place near the boundary of Bhutan. You do not need any pass or visa to go to Samrup Jonkhar. However, if you’re planning to go further from Samrup Jonkhar, you’ll be needing permits and ID proofs.

Time taken: It takes roughly 2 hrs and 30 mins to reach Samrup Jonkhar from Guwahati.
How to reach: Again, you can travel by car or by motorcycle.
Places to visit: Samrup Jonkhar is a small town in the outskirts of Bhutan. There isn’t a lot of places to visit around here. There’s one Monastry that you can visit. Apart from that, you can find all the goodies in the bazaar area. From local Bhutanese garments to vegetables- it’s all there. Samdrup Jonkhar is a small town that you can mostly cover on foot. It is very clean and people there are very peaceful. Indian money is accepted there. It is definitely worth all those aesthetic pictures and small local places. The buildings there are beautifully designed. Each house has a design on their roofs ro the outer walls.

Pro tip: Do not miss out the delicious Thukpa and momos from the local stalls. They’re seriously the real deal.


Dawki is located in the Jaitia Hills in Meghalaya. This is one of the less travelled, yet one of the must travel places in and around Meghalaya. Known for it's famous, clean and clear-water rivers, Dawki is another place that you can travel to, in a day.

Time taken: It takes around 5 hrs 30 mins to reach Dawki from Guwahati. Although it is a bit far, to cover the distance in a day, if you start early you can make it a good trip.

How to reach: you can rent a car or a taxi to Dawki. Travelling by motorcycles is however not the wisest thing ever.

Places of attraction: Dawki is famous for its clear water rivers. Umngot River in Dawki is another peaceful place to visit. You can get a boat ride along the river.

Pro tip: Try to relax and 'be with nature' when you're here. Maybe you don't have to see all the places. You can just sit by one of the riverbanks and dip your leg in the cold water and contemplate life. It is the best place to relax.



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