Human being is a social animal. We can’t survive for long without human contacts. We have our family, friends and colleagues whom we value a lot. Our relationship with our lovers is also one of the relationships that we value the most. But many a times we are wrong in selecting our partners. It is very important to find out when we are wrong and step out of that relationship. If not it will develop into a toxic relationship that will eat our life away.

Many a times we are too late to find out the wrong relationship because we are confused with the idea of love. Over possessiveness and lack of freedom can never be equated with love. So to begin with make yourself understand the fact that love will never ask you to do anything you are not comfortable in doing. Having understood this let’s look for signs of a wrong/ toxic relationship.

• Having to change for him/her

Nobody is perfect. So changing to make our habits better is understandable. But any other sorts of changes, in which one is not in agreement, needs to be discouraged. Abandoning a dress, food, political opinion or anything without your conviction points towards a wrong relationship.

• No personal space

Before being a lover, you need to be your individual self.Giving up time with friends, personal passwords, having to call the person all the time violates this law of privacy. The law of privacy is violated in a wrong relationship. Take this violation as a sign.

• False promises/ lies

Not delivering a few promises is tolerable. But when fundamental promises like fidelity, mutual respect are not delivered, you need to react. Too much lies also should be noticed . A partner is a person to whom we love to open up and not the other way around.

• Lack of trust/ over possessiveness

Trust is the foundation stone on which a relationship rests. When your partner stops trusting you and justifies the gesture by calling it possessiveness your reason need to step in.Confront the partner and try to make him understand that this is the wrong way to go.

• Abuse

Physical or verbal abuse should never be tolerated in the name of love. Get control of your self in such situations and be strong enough to walk out in due time.

• Only physical

When the relationship which started as a stable one reduces to a mere physical relationship without any emotional connection, try to resolve the issue. If the partner is beyond resolve ..walk out.

• The right to deny

Every person has a right to deny. It must also be the case in a relationship. When your “no” is brushed away with physical/emotional complaints, understand that you are at the wrong place.

The ultimate thing to realise is the fact that we have the full autonomy of our lives. Anything and everything denying this autonomy is not good for us...!!!!