In the entire world, AIDS is spreading haphazardly. The fearful effects of AIDS which killed many people can be observed from the previous data which was spread to the world via newspaper, internet, telecommunication, etc.There is no fluctuation in the data of AIDS though people are familiar with the information related to AIDS. Though, the government is having lots of effort on the people who are suffering from AIDS, the sufferers of AIDS is increasing continuously.

Regarding this disease, people have lots of misunderstandings which create fear in their mind. Under the prevalence of our culture, civilization and society, there was no possibility of finding AIDS patient, but after the entrance of Western culture, we can find lot of AIDS patient around us.

The first HIV seropositive case in India was identified in Madras in May 1986. According to the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), which is looking after all the AIDS control related activities in India, There were 93598 HIV positive and 10123 frank AIDS patients as on January 2000. In present world of technology and invention, scientists have got victory over different new diseases, but they haven’t got victory over AIDS yet. In past, there was the time where people used to die by Plague, Malaria, Dengue and other dangerous diseases. People were scared by hearing the names of these diseases. Sooner or later, Medical Science has found the preventions against those diseases.

In our society, there are lots of misunderstandings regarding AIDS. Actually, people don’t have exact and fact information about AIDS so there is more chance of having doubts and have more fear. According to principle of medical science, if the virus of AIDS (HIV) enters into an individual body, he/she is said to be HIV infected. When an individual is infected, after 10-15 years his/her immunity power starts decreasing gradually. Actually, in the HIV infected blood the amount of cells named CD4 starts decreasing. According to doctors, a healthy person’s body must have 1000 counts of cells per 1 ml3. But, after 10-15 years in the body of infectants the counts of cell decreases to 200 or lesser than that. AIDS itself isn’t a disease and no one has died because of AIDS. But our society has the unfaith that AIDS is a deadly disease. As the immune system of the infectants become less, their body get further attacked by other disease such as TB, Malaria, Vomit, and other diseases and when they want to cure them having medicines and treatment, they fail because their immune system don’t have resisting power to fight against those diseases.

Till now we don’t have any treatment and technologies to cure AIDS but Antiretroviral medicine are available in the market which increase the age limit to some extent. The medicine stops the increasing AIDS virus inside the body. AIDS virus increases in the sequence of 2 to 4, 4 to 8 and so on. If a women is HIV infected the baby born from her womb have the greater possibility of having HIV positive. Every Physician suggests a mother not to feed her child her milk if she is infected with HIV.

There is greater possibility AIDS while having unsafe sex. To have control on AIDS the government has initiated number of steps on sex education in every school and college. Every citizen should use contraceptive measures, intravenous administration of drugs should be avoided unless ordered by the Physician, health check-up program should be conducted in such areas where there is no facilities of health posts, import of blood products should be banned, etc. These are some measures to prevent from AIDS.