What Is Mucormycosis? New Infection Detected After Black Fungus

Kajal Singh
May 20, 2021   •  10 views

After the cases of black fungus infection cases started to surface, a few new cases have been recently detected where individuals started showing a white fungus infection. The health experts have reportedly stated that the White Fungus can actually be more dangerous than the Black Fungus.

How does it affect one’s body?

The White Fungus can reportedly cause severe harm to lungs and body parts such as skin, stomach, kidney, private parts, mouth and nails. This White Fungus has shown similar lung infection to COVID-19 in the lungs of patients after a High-resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT) test were performed on them.

This new type of fungal infection was detected amidst the cases of Black Fungal infection or Mucormycosis. The latter is caused by a group of molds also called murcormycetes.

this type of fungi lives in the environment. It can be found in soil, leaves, rotten wood or compost piles. .

Several health experts have raised concerns that Mucormycosis can cause serious damage if not treated. Some of the symptoms are facial pain, loss of vision, nasal congestion, pain in the eyes, swelled eyes and cheeks, black crust in the nose, bloody vomits and effects on mental status.