Getting Placed While You Are In B.Tech!!

Sunitha Siddula
May 03, 2019   •  13 views

These days many students after completion of their 12th class are choosing engineering as their graduation. As engineering course can be completed only in 4 years, where pursuing medicine and becoming a doctor will take atmost 5 years, there is demand, parents are asking their child to opt engineering.

Every year many students are being passed out from college, few having jobs in their hands while others still looking for a job, thinking to go abroad for higher studies. Getting placed in a company while in final year is such thing which requires one to work hard and smart. Mean while, if someone doesn't have job right after their graduation doesn't mean that person isn't capable of getting job. Sometimes it requires more dedication to go to a IT career.

Even thouugh top MNC's recruit students in thousands number, still many students can't go through the entire process. Sometimes, they may lack communication skills, coding skills, techninal skills, ability to express etc..

It's not about getting placed while in college. There are many companies out there looking for a skillful cadidates. So all it needs is to be technically sound and few soft skills. These days companies are mostly prefering the cadidates having soft skills rather than technical stuff.

You know that every company will spend money on training the recruited candidates. This is the reason for prefering the cadidates having soft skills rather than technical stuff. Technical skills can be taught where one should have minimum communication skills and soft skills.

Every company will conduct at least 3 rounds to select candidates - Written test, technical interview and HR. Written test will consists of aptitude, logical reasoning, coding questions(if it is an IT company). Many students will nit be able to clear this written test. Going to technical interview will be like to prove your techincal skills. In HR, interviewers check your interpersonal skills, ssoft skills. If they feel that you are good enough, congrats, you are part of that company.

Some students will think of attempting government jobs. But getting government job is not such easy thing. It requires more hard work, dedication.

Sometimes it's not about getting IT job immediately after graduation, it's all about choosing what suits you the most. One can't go with the flow. Sometimes it's better to have a thought which suits us the most in our life.

This is your life and choose everything wisely. Remember, one decision can change entire life.



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