Fight Stress At Workplace Like The True Warrior That You Are

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Jun 22, 2019   •  4 views

Don’t we all have those moments when the work-load seems overwhelming and it seems as if we simply cannot meet that one deadline? Workplace stress is a real thing for sure and we have all experienced it. There are moments of anxiety, panic or just being plain exhausted and not being able to do our job. It is times like these when we need to calm ourselves down, gain some perspective, act smart and get the job done. Now is it an easy task? No, it isn’t and that is why I have come up with a few hacks that you may apply in order to deal with the stress!

1. Every time a huge amount of work brings with itself a negative overwhelming feeling that begins to take a toll on you, remember to stop right there and take deep breaths. Close your eyes, breathe in deeply and breathe out. Continue doing this a few times and let this action do it’s magic. Tell yourself that you are capable of finishing the project because you are good at your job and just let your anxiousness subside slowly. Always remember that your anxiousness is the one that is reducing your efficiency. If you consistently work instead of worrying whether you will be able to finish your work on time or not, both your time as well as energy spent on worrying will be saved.

2. The above situation that I mentioned can still be tricky to deal with despite all the attempts to calm yourself down and here’s something that you can do in order to totally prevent such situations from arising. Whenever you take up a project, the first thing that you should do is get to know how much time you have in hand to complete the work. Now that you have an approximate estimation of the time left and the amount of work to be done, divide the whole work into smaller tasks and set time limits for each so that they all add up to the time you have for the entire project to be completed. Write the list of smaller tasks down and as you complete each task, strike them out or put a tick beside them. In this manner, you will have a clear image of how much you have progressed in your project and thus avoid being overwhelmed or stressed at all about completing on time. Also, the sense of satisfaction that you will receive from ticking/striking off each task after completion will hugely boost your efficiency and you will be able to make maximum use of your capabilities.

3. Can we deny that shit happens? Most definitely not. Chances of things going wrong even when you have done every possible thing right exists in a good magnitude. And when it happens, the first thing to come visit us is stress which again gets very difficult to deal with. Thus, to stay calm and act wise during times like this, what you need to do is allot time for correcting such situations within the time you have to complete the task. Whenever you are dividing a task into smaller simpler tasks, divide it in such a way that your entire work gets completed before time so that you may have some extra time to fix unforeseen problems and still meet your deadline. At your workplace, you need to act smart in order to avoid getting messed up and planning and setting goals in such a way that you can have a grip over all sorts of situations is the real way to do that.

4. We all have a tendency to multitask and no matter what anybody says, the truth is that multitasking always reduces efficiency and reduced efficiency brings stress along with it. We need to accept that we all have limitations and there is nothing wrong about it. It is best to focus on one thing at a time and giving it your hundred percent. Each task completed efficiently will bring a sense of control and satisfaction and stress levels will automatically reduce.

5. Sitting all day behind your desk and staring at your laptop may contribute in increasing your stress levels. Getting up, going around, socializing with your colleagues or just taking a few minutes to stretch your hands and legs may help in refreshing your mind which will ultimately let you resume work with new vigour.

6. Having an organized desk results in lesser stress than not having one. A clean and tidy area around where you work helps the mind to concentrate and deal with stress better. You may add some potted plants to your desk or anything that you like staring at and make your desk your happy place. Work will definitely become less exhausting and stressful, I promise.

7. Drink lots and lots of water. Staying hydrated is always a good idea and a very helpful one too especially during times of stress. Water keeps the stress hormone- cortisol under control which tends to rise in case of dehydration and thus makes it easier to deal with problems.

8. Share your problems with your colleagues as well as your loved ones. Firstly, you need to share with your colleagues because they too will be going through the same thing more or less and being able to relate to each other’s problems gives a sense of not being alone which increases comfort levels and eventually helps dealing with stress. You may also need to talk about your day to day problems with your trusted ones when they are there for you because that helps blow off steam. A good rant may result in a lighter mood and eventually increase your strength under stress.

So there, that is all. Life is never easy and it’s nothing new that we all have our own struggles. However, there definitely are ways like above to make it easier for ourselves. Let me know how you deal with stress at workplace and also if any of the above have helped you in some way. Work hard, achieve your goals and live one very happy life.

Happy hustling!