Types Of People You Meet In College

Sujana Pal
Apr 18, 2019   •  204 views

Graduating from school to college is a huge leap. After spending more than a decade within the confines of school, college feels like a breath of fresh air. It also gives you the opportunity to come across different types of people. Here are a few of the interesting varieties you get to meet in college.

1. The Ghost

You never see him anywhere in the class and then suddenly one day POOF! he's sitting beside you.

2. The Overachiever

Also known as the 10 pointer. They get grades that are beyond our imagination, sometimes even the professors. You'll find them only at one place- the library.

3. The Lovebirds

The are cute and snuggly and paint the campus red with their PDA. Always holding hands wherever they go, they make the singletons' heart ache.

4. The Cool Dude

He's everyone's friend. He's interactive and social and can cozy up with anyone. More often than not, he's chosen as the class representative.

5. The Gossiper

They always let the cat out of the bag. Be it someone's grade or love life, you can always trust him to weasel out the correct information.

6. The ATM

Short on cash? Worry not, the ATM has a fat wallet at your disposal. You always find this guy lending out money, sometimes even without demanding the return.

7. The Glutton

If there's one thing that turns them on, its FOOD. They constantly munch something, be it in class or outside. You can always find them at college canteens.

8. The Partygoer

Messed up hair and wrinkled old clothes- the partygoer always complains of a hangover. Don't be surprised if you find him bringing alcohol to class.

9. The Pretender

They sit in the first bench with mock enthusiasm. They are as clueless as we are about what's going on in the class but they don't let that be known.

10. The Philosopher

ALERT: Stay away from them.
Semesters pass by, but this guy still ponders over the reason of our existence. He speaks with an air of utmost gravity and can quote anyone from Carnegie to Einstein.