Hey guys, so welcome to my blog of ' A day in my life ' . So today I'll be telling you what it is to be an adult in 2050.

5:00 AM

So I wake up to people honking their hearts out on the road. You see 5 is the peak hour for all those frustrated working people who just want to get to places by six. (Well my grandma tells me that there were times when they had to get to office or workplace by 9. Gone are the good times now. The competitive era is full in.)

So I open the curtains and put on my new mask I got from FuLu brand, they literally have the best masks and it feels like I'm breathing fresh air even when I go out. So once my mask is on, I open the windows to let some fresh air from my room go out.

Till 7 nearly, I get ready and wear my clothing and get going with my academic work. So, before our session starts, I chat with a few of my other mates who have opted for the same course online. I heard that my parents went to a place called school and college. Well that is so old fashioned. No one goes out to schools these days, it's all at our fingertips.

At 1 we get a break for tabs, where I pop in the multivitamin and 3 other tablets that keep me good for a day. When I was in middle school, my teacher kept talking about how people ate fruits and vegetables and animals, how disgusting is that. You just pick out things randomly and eat ? I literally thank God that there are no more plants that give fruit and vegeiee... whatever those are. Thanks to science for making biogenetic plants that just serve their purpose of taking in the polluted gases and giving us oxygen.

I finish school around 5 and then my parents force me to go out to with this group that work for better oceans, well let me tell you, it's not that I don't care, but these old men and women are too much. Why did they even pollute the ocean in the first place? It's as if we pay for their faults, well the good news is, we managed to reduce plastic by the upper most layer, we are working on the remaining two now. Disadvantages of living in costal areas. I've always complained about this, but my parents tell me that there was no more places left in the land locked areas the we had to come to the almost tip of the oceans to live.

Old gen sucks. Trust me. They should have taken care of the population too.

So that's how my evening goes.

Ohh sometimes I also have my online dates so that too takes up a part of my evening, otherwise it's just a little catching up with academic work.

At 11:00 PM , I do my skin care routine everyday because my skin just chaps out due to the heat and dry atmosphere even though I live quite close to the oceans. I see old pics of my mom who had hair on her head and told me how she had a hair care routine.. well I must say it's a less burden for me. Thank God to whoever brought up the shave your heads culture, it is so much easier to wear our skin suits when we go out, I can't imagine wearing one with all that hair sticking around. Disgusting again.

So after an hour long of pampering my skin I turn the lights off and crash.

That's how my day goes.

Thankyou guys so much for showing your interest.

It's high time now :)