Pros And Cons Of Dating Older Men

Sujana Pal
Apr 18, 2019   •  147 views

Donald Trump- Melania Trump, Michael Douglas- Catherine Zeta Jones, Hugh Hefner- Crystal Harris- what is that 'thing' that connects these power couples? Wealth? Fame? Social Stature?

Nah, you're wrong. In all the aforementioned relationships, there's a significant age difference between the man and the woman. Why is it that some women prefer dating older men to men of their own age? What are the problems that they face? Let's have a look into this modern dating scenario.


1. Financial Security

With age comes financial security. Men in their mid 30s are mid way down their career and are smart with their money. Many women especially those wanting a lavish lifestyle consider this a priority.

2. Maturity

It is known that women mature faster than men. So, women who want a sensible and intelligent conversation everytime might prefer older men because they don't spend their time doing trivial talks.

3. Psychological Needs

Some women feel that since older men have already had their share of short term relationships, there's lesser possibility of breakup or cheating on them. Also, less arguments are likely to ensue because of their intellectual maturity. This subdues the immediate worries that a woman might have after getting into a relationship.

4. Emotional Support

Men who have already dedicated a decade or two of their lives to building career would probably have a successful career. Thus while dating a woman in their 30s, they would be able to concentrate on their relationship more than their job.

5. Clarity in Communication

A lot of problems arise in relationships because of miscommunication. However, since older men have the clarity of mind, they are sure of what they want out of a relationship. This decisive nature clears up any doubt that either of the partners might be having.


1. Social Stigma

Many people consider this wide age gap unacceptable. The term "sugar daddy" comes up too often. Family and friends might not approve of your "older boyfriend". Even men tend to be ostracized from social circles for dating younger women.

2. Past Relationships

A man in late 30s or early 40s will probably have an ex-wife or two. He may even have children from his previous relationships. This may complicate things if the children are close to the woman's age. Not all young women are ready to adopt their boyfriend's kids as their own.

3. Low Energy

Young men tend to be wild and energetic. But older men tend to spend their nights at home watching a match on the television. This might bore younger women especially if you're in a mood for partying and he wants to call it a quiet night.

4. Overconfidence

Because older men have more experience, they might feel the need to control a situation. Sometimes, there might be a clash of opinions and his superiority complex might come to the surface.