7 Hacks To Keep You Cool In Summer

Sujana Pal
Apr 18, 2019   •  153 views

Phew! Summer is officially here. Is this sweltering heat giving you blisters? Are you feeling tired and fatigued all day? While we are sweating buckets and sipping lemonade to keep us cool, here are a few summer hacks for you.

1. Air Conditioner Substitute

No air conditioner? Worry not. Put a bottle containing frozen water in front of the fan and feel the cool breeze all around you.

2. Frozen Aloe Cubes

Aloe Vera gel soothes skin rashes during summers. Now imagine how effective it will be if you apply frozen Aloe Vera gel cubes.

3. DIY Ice Pack

Need to carry ice pack but water is dripping all over the place? Soak a sponge in water, insert it in a ziplock bag and freeze it. That way, when the ice melts it doesn't wet the place.

4. Lemonade Bags

Mix yourself a lemonade, pour it in a ziplock bag and punch a straw through it. Now you can carry it to the beach without spilling it. Cool, isn't it?

5. Homemade Peppermint Spray

In a spray bottle containing water, mix some peppermint extract and spray yourself with it. You'll feel that immediate cooling effect.

6. Washing Wrists in Cold Water

Every time you're feeling hot and flustered, wash your wrists in cold water. Since the veins in the wrists are close to the surface, it lowers the body temperature immediately.

7. Keep the Body Lotion in Fridge

Need to moisten the skin with lotion but feeling very hot and stuffy? Nevermind. Put the bottle of lotion in fridge and apply it after a few hours. You'll feel the freshness.