It's that time of the year when I feel extremely happy. The lovely weather, festive season and just happiness all around.

When I was in Mumbai, this time seemed so religious with Bappa everywhere. People celebrate these 10 days so happily that everything seemed so pure.

But today after so many years of happiness of this event, one thought is not leaving my mind. Why do we keep Bappa only for 10 days, why not everytime. I understand visarjan is important and I don't want to hurt any religious feelings here. All I mean is Bappa in house for 10 days and in our hearts and our doings for the rest of the year. Is it that difficult? I don't think so.

This year I saw people getting Bappa home for showing off to the public and thats what really hurt me. These are people who have no morality in them. Bad language, abusing, cursing is their everyday activity. Does getting Bappa home for 5 days and abusing and cursing others for 360 days really go in sync.

“Idhar Bappa ka visarjan and udhar morality ka”. How easy it is?

Mumbai has Bappa coming, Kolkata will see Maa coming and then Diwali will see Sri Ram coming in the entire country. With everyone coming, then why is morality going?

If this thought also strikes you, let's pledge not to immerse our morality this year.