18 July, 2016
That was the day when we stepped into our home department with a proud feeling that we have become seniors. We the dayscholors were there by morning to the college, sitting in our class sharing the happenings of our holidays .One among us came up with a news that we had a lateral entry girl who is from AGP and she is the topper over there . It's obvious that everyone will have some thoughts flashing in their mind when a new person joins their gang. And we were no exception to this .Our thoughts were like "How could we adjust with a new one in our group ?How could we share all those secretes in front of her? Being a topper in diploma she would listen to all the classes without getting distracted so she wouldn't chat with us during lectures " and all those queries running in our mind was read by each other of us through our eyes.

Honestly we didn't expect that she would rule our hearts in the coming years Suddenly there came a beautiful oh! Sorry, a kara-kara voice stating "Hi". . . Yeah! It was that lateral entry girl. Omg! What a tall girl of God's creation!! And now after the subsidence of the excited inner voice of mine I replied to her Hi in a dull voice . As usual we introduced ourself to the new arrival of our group who took the first bench of our class.

Time passed . . .
First day . . .
First hour . . .
First class . . . of second year
And . . . . . . . . . . . . a new faculty!
And obviously you would have guessed what's the next thing.Yeah ! It was that "Introduce yourself and the reason why you choose civil” from that faculty. When "My name is _____ and I choose civil out of my parents wish" was the major answer that came from all of us .This brand new entry came up with a new light stating that "I choose civil out of the inspiration that I got from my brother who is civil engineer”

There I confirmed that she is a girl who would stay awake in all classes.But we didn't expect that, things would happen in the reverse order.Then as classes ended we walked for your lunch . Yep ! It was the first afternoon with her at the Amenities Centre .She brought " Tomato rice " from the canteen and we all together started eating .With a bright voice "Tomato Rice rice tastes good in your college college canteen? Right ", she asked .But me still with that same hesitation inside replied "Yeah".

Days passed and she bonded with each other of us. Having given a new exposure to all the engineering subjects ,we seldom answered in the class . But this new girl would answer all the questions. And we were like "Were did they bring this girl from?” But things turned out contrary to those happened in previous classes. Guess what???? It was "Mathematics class”.

The girl who was like hunting lion in the other classes turned out be a sleeping lion in this class and she would never even lift her head up to see what's happening in the classroom .Yeah "Mathematics" was her sleeping pill obviously . And the beauty in her sleeping is that even the one who tries to listen the class would fall asleep on looking at her sluggish face.

Though this sleeping beauty was popularly awaken from sleep by calling L01 in the class, She stays to be the first in completing the assignments. And that is a good thing, I agree! But the reply she gives when someone asks "Can you lend me your assignment?” was the most annoying thing ever. That reply was "I need to submit my assignments today else my papa will scold ".I knew even you, the one reading this is feeling like slapping her. But remember slapping her is "Only our privilege".

Now she even became so close to us than before .When faculty’s teaching was like beating around the bush this girl would let us understand the concept very easily .Slowly she turned out to be our. SFD and BMD coacher
Survey and Soil Lab instructor
Finally she became our "Engineering Mentor" to till date .
Though days rolled she "The technical girl" was still a "Perfect comedian" when it comes to pronouncing the name of our classmates. She makes us burst into laughter by her malicious act of calling people's names like " Pulagulal ,Urvasi ,Jail Kaithi ". And you know what we came to know that even faculties couldn't abscond from her list when she came up with a new name called "Yesunathar".

Though we became close I still remember the day when she first raised her voice in quarrelling tone against me . It was during " Survey Lab" when she harshly asked me "Subathra, Will you give me the measuring tape or not ? ". But today I just laugh looking at how we were strangers in the beginning. Calendar turned its page and time rolled on.

We finally entered the pre final year. And this year we became really very close and comfortable . . . and she became our "Kirukee and Baby girl ".

She is a perfect sleeping companion of us."All are equal in the eyes of law ", she honestly abides with this fundamental right of our constitution .

Yep! She never sees partiality for faculties when it comes to sleeping during lectures . She sleeps . .. sleeps . . . sleeps . . . Omg! The rest is history!!! We had lots of beautiful memories this year, starting from . . .

Ramco Symposium
KLN Symposium
And that grand CEA fest at IIT-Madras holds the first in our memories list.
The way we made preparation for the fest still hangs in our medulla oblongata. We became close than ever before and slowly this " Baby girl" turned out to be a " Dirty girl" with a "Beautiful mind". And the evidence was during the group study for GIS exam and the way she reads "Ramayana"."Valmiki" would hang himself in the rope , if he visualize the way she perceives his Ramayana .And now she turned out to be our "sight seeing partner ".

Above all she is the best partner in "eating”. When others find peace in reading books, hearing songs we find peace in eating food and that too "meals".Food tastes good because of her company. When others fall for actors, Korean serials this crazy creature would fall for "Blue Color". Oh! God Kindly save her!!!!

She is and will continue to be our
"Mug” who pours all joys and happiness without which our college life would have not sounded crazy.
"Shadow” who guides us every moment without getting tired.
“Technical Light "when it comes to civil engineering.
“Book “that can explain all the double meaning words.
"Mirror "which reflects our mood and situation just by seeing our face.
"Shoulder" to sleep during lectures and during difficult times.
“Teddy bear “who gives tight and warm hug.
“Punching bag “on which we can punch hard when we are frustrated.
“Joker” who turns our hard times into laughter.
And above all "A Caring Soul " who gives lots of unconditional love and affection .
This idiot has not even uttered a word for us like "You are my love, I am there for you, I won't leave you, you mean a lot to me" yet she is still there for each of us. Yes!! Relationship like friendship are stronger than all.

All I pray almighty is to bless this innocent heart with all happiness and prosperity. Especially bless the one who is going to marry her because taking responsibility of such a Weird Creature is not that easy since it's a "Herculean task ".

"For others she may be WHATEVER
But for us . . . She is FOREVER"