Why You Should Watch Theatrical Drama Over Movies

Srishty Bharadwaj
Jun 23, 2019   •  9 views

In today’s era we are crazy for movies. Every one of us wants to remain updated about the latest movies. We watch them in air conditioned movie halls with popcorn in our hands. Very few of us will prefer to watch a theatrical performance rather than movie. The feel of live performance is unparalleled and can never be compared to a movie. Those who have watched theatrical drama can understand what I mean. Here are few reasons why you should watch theatrical drama:


You get to see acting and direction in a limited space of stage. This requires innovation and creativity to use the whole set up in unthinkable ways. Even the quality of acting cannot be compared to the movies. It is always one take performance and therefore, it is well rehearsed. Every aspect of the play is revised a number of times. The plot is well knit and the stage craft requires a lot of skill. In fact, the crew is ever ready if anything goes wrong with an alternate plan.Unlike movies where you may get disappointed with acting, theatre promises to give quality.

There are no Heroes

It sounds bizarre but it’s true; there are no heroes in drama, all are characters. A hero can be bigger than the movie. We see the movies of big actors with loose plots and nonsensical stories. These commercial movies earn their profit only because of the famous actors. In a drama, actor is not there, the actor moulds itself into the character. The actor is never bigger than the play; they rehearse and improvise again and again. Unlike movies, we never see drama that is actor-oriented.

The feel of Live

Live performance is always engaging and enticing. Whether it is live concert, live match in stadium or live performance of drama, once you get the hang of it, you will feel like doing it again and again. If you have not done it yet, it should be the next thing to do. You can feel the passion and emotions flowing through you. You feel ecstatic, sadness, disgusted and amazed when you see the performance.

No deception

There are many technicalities involved in film making. The shooting is done with stuntmen and body doubles. We can’t even predict whether the tears of the actors are real or fake. In drama there is no such deception. The emotions are boundless. The actors let their emotions flow, so much sometimes that they forget everything around them. There are no body doubles or fake tears, only pure passion. Because of this transparency drama captures our mind immediately and we feel whatever the play wants us to feel.

Connect with the people behind the play

As we talk about transparency, in drama when the credits are given the actors come on the stage. In fact, the artists spend time with the audience after the drama. The spectators can share their views and ask questions as well. It helps to build a bond with the artists in a better way. Unlike talk shows, where actors talk in front of the hosts, we get to know the artists directly. There is no medium in between.

Worth the money

We always come across the movies that we eagerly wait for and pre book the tickets. But unfortunately, we sometimes get disappointed because we are not satisfied. We feel the money got wasted and none of us want to feel that way. Well, drama is your safe option. You spend money on the tickets and will rarely feel that it got wasted.

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