Before I proceed, I would like to tell about Porphyria. She is the character taken form the poem 'Porphyria's Lover' by Robert Browning. You can read the poem through this link

Porphyria was strangled to death by her lover who used her golden hair to strangle her. She was her desire and by doing so he kept her with him forever. This poem is a reply to 'Porphyria's Lover' on the behalf of Porphyria.


There I lie in his arms;
silent, still, so blanched.
And he; draped in my charms.
Extinguished is the storm outside
and within is the maddening fire.
The God of Death is on my side
caressing the instrument of death I attire,
my golden locks of hair

Spread out, here and ther
Cloaked in shyness I entered
his temple of love, leaving the world
baring my body and soul I ventured.
Unknown to the intentions he hurled.
For the passionate urges to quench
He camouflaged his murderous stench.
And yes! He set me free
He kissed the life out of me
Against my wish, against the plea

Those golden locks went
Round and round and round!
stole my breath, safe and sound.
My brimming eyes interrogated
His smile, slowly I felt him faded
until I hit the dark, he stood
in front of me like a calm lark.
Both lay still here
In the dome of damnation
Silence has crept in, love abound
enough to poison the air around.