Become A Friend Of The Environment

Srishty Bharadwaj
Jul 11, 2019   •  7 views

We all know that our environment is at stake and that too because of our actions. We are the first generation facing the consequences of the actions of human species and we must be the last one. We can make a huge difference by taking care of few things in our day to day lives. But first make a promise with yourself that you are a crucial part of this environment and whatever you do, makes a difference. Let’s look at the things that we can do.

Keep a carry bag with you

Whenever you go out, whether it is for work or for college, keep a carry bag in your bag pack or handbag. We always have plans of buying stuffs like grocery while returning for workplace and that is when we take those polythene bags as we are out of options. So, keep a carry bag with yourself that will take little to no space.

Reuse or recycle plastic bottles

We often have those plastic bottles of soft drinks at our homes. You can give it for recycling or reuse it for different purposes. Plastic bottles can be used to grow plants in your balcony or gardens. Give a nice and innovative touch to your homes.

You can also use plastic bottles to renovate the lights in your house. You just need a thick thread and glue. Wind the thread around the bottle after cutting the funnel shaped part of the bottle.

Avoid buying mineral water bottles as far as possible. Carry your own water in bottles that can be refilled. It may seem a small step but it is very significant. You are not only avoiding littering but you are also reducing the use of plastic.

Cook food

Apps like Swiggy and Zomato have spoiled us in different ways. But they have added a lot of garbage at your house. Avoid ordering food from outside and try to cook as far as possible.

It is healthy, pocket-friendly as well as eco-friendly. Or you can opt for the tiffin system that delivers food at your door but not in those plastic containers. Not to forget that it is very harmful to consume food in those containers. So, do not compromise with yourself and your environment’s health.

Carpool or take public transport at least two days a week

Automobile emissions result in a lot of pollution. Commuting private vehicle for travelling adds to these emissions. If you travel in public transport for one to two days a week, it is a very significant step. It is also economical option for you as the price of diesel and petrol is increasing day by day.

Avoid indoor air pollution

Indoor air pollution occurs when the house is not properly ventilated. Gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, lead etc. affect the air quality inside the house as there is no oxygenation. It is more harmful than the outdoor pollution. To avoid indoor air pollution you need to take care of few things.

·Open windows and doors everyday to ensure proper ventilation

·Avoid using harmful chemicals for cleaning the house

·Plant indoor plants like Aloe Vera, Chrysanthemum, bamboo palm etc.

·Do not smoke inside the house. Passive smoking is more dangerous. Therefore, smoke outside the house and keep the air fresh.

The list of the things that you can do is endless. We already know most of the things. Save water and save electricity are parts of this endless list. Other than that, we can gift plants to our friends and family members. Plant one plant on every birthday and try to take care of it.

Save environment because you are the savior. You are the present who can save tomorrow for so many people. Few small steps can do wonders. You just have to give it a chance.