YouTube - An open gate.

YouTube is a stage which doesn't need any invitation but just a GMAIL. You have a GMAIL- you have a YouTube.

Login to YouTube and create a channel. If you'd like to post directly, just post it.

List you can post on YouTube

- just anything you wish to

- a game your children playing

- a game from your balcony

- a scenery from your window

- a song you'd want to sing

- a story you want to tell

What not

- your guitar, your drums, your flute

- your ads, your company, your sales

- parenting, life and education


Many have a fear of facing discrimination. Many feel shy, few do not give a try.

Believe in yourself, look into yourself, accept yourself and just post on YouTube.

Don't bother about the camera you have, don't worry about your looks, just choose the correct background.

The background is most important for any video. It shows your skill to showcase your video.

- a park

- a garden

- a stage

- a room

- a terrace

The background sets the mood of the theme. And the theme should show the main concept of the whole video because the audience has only 8 seconds to concentrate (according to the study).

You needn't run for the theme, needn't run for any competition to win. You've nothing to loose but to win!

Put your videos in filmfreeway,

For video contest, your photography, your certificate, your content, your choice of opportunities to explore the world of ideas.

The free encyclopaedia of the world, where you can be a Wikipedia of your own self, your dreams, your desires, your channel of YouTube.

Communicate through the YouTube the open gate.

Boundaries and limitations are there to the body and mind, free your soul. Just you and YouTube and flying dreams.