The Room 1


There was a two story building at the corner of the street.

Open place was all around, surrounding all four sides of the building.

The whole open place was filled with/occupied by huge, massive and web like banyan trees with the other trees in between/among-st.

The family residing in it was of "Parents with their parents, two sons, one daughter and one daughter in law." It was moderately happy family, alike many other families.

The building was double storied with each story of double the ten rooms excluding the hall and store room. In the second story, the store room was full of books, newspapers and other alike material. Like a huge library it was.

Coincidentally our dear daughter in law was in love with books, as she knew about the library she entered in her free time. Soon she started spending more and more time.

The second story was connected with roof from inside and was very pleasing place to love or to love the romance.

Days were passing on, just as before but one evening our daughter in law happened to see some books missing form their respected place and notice that those were the books she read earlier. She was shocked, for long time she thought 'where she might have kept those books' and she found in the same place. She went to sleep that night. Early she woke up in the next morning, she searched the library except the place from where they're missing. She found nothing except disappointment.

Again that evening she went and found them at their place. She was puzzled. The days passed and the puzzle was out from her mind. But something was going on in "The room".


Once upon a time, there was a school where a boy was stupid, idiot, rascal, uncivilized studying there. It so happened that the boy slipped and fell down on the shoes of a girl. The girl got scared and the books in her hands fell on his head.

The girl cried and went on.

The next day the boy went to her with her books and returned them to her. Surprisingly he asked her "what is there in those books for which you cried". The girl laughed and said "I was scared but not cried for books". They both laughed and they both started reading together from that day.

The books she read made him happy and he started reading the same books again and again. Unfortunately "since happiness is never continuous", they both parted. She went to some other country.

Still his passion for the books continued and he used to read the books in the library form years. He love that girl and loved her hobby of reading.

Now the same boy is a man and the library is same. After he found that a family is residing he started coming at nights to collect a few books to read. But on the previous day he specifically took those few books which the daughter in lawa has read. "Has a reason".

Our daughter in law has a habit of reading the book or story and dpecifying the date she read with her name.

Our hero found them on those books and took them to confirm with the books for years he kept in the remembrance ot the girl he loved.

I've the sweetest memories

Which are of you, fortunately shared

With a poor as me, Of course

Made me civilized

Are those books "The Room"

And you "my darling".

He confirmed and now he's to approach her and let her know his proud love.


The days went on but for him in library, ... He too has a past, he lived even his age and hence, his stories wound. He have a dignified store which he own and has a wife with two kids, moreover his wife loved and married him.

Though he own a dignified office, he secretly visit the library where he find new dimensions of romance, pride, peace, knowledge, humor, and satisfaction to allow his heart - beat.

Previously his visit was at times when he was sad, in illusion or tired or so on... but now his visits are regular, punctual and for love. Though he's married, expressing love is important, so that 'not to owe any regret'.

One fine evening he place a letter, writing his few post memories, shw may recollect in a novel she's reading. But for that week she remains absent to the library as she leaves with her husband on vacation.

For the whole week he desperately awaits with heart full of love and desire to express, and just and only to express because they both are married.

Finally she arrive and reads the letter or note he kept and tries to recollect and gathers the sweet memories from her subconscious maybe or heart she might kept'em close sometime. In the same place with a repl she keep another note and with a question that who he is and how his is into library.

Next morning with all details and to wait till night to meet him finds a note. She finish all her work, desperately waits for the night passing each hour, living alive in whole delight.

T he moon shows his beautiful face but our hero comes with a mask to see his moon. They both meet, hear the only sound of wind for ten minutes, twenty minutes soon, finally she asks him to open his mask. he says sorry "I'm here just to express...!" How are you? "I'm fine with my husband, and my books." Even I'm fine with your books and the pleasure in them and I owe you. "Thank you".

He just says

"I'm married, have too kids

Till past two weeks,

I was fine with family and books

Whom rarely I gave looks

When I was sad, hurt by crooks.

Now, I've chance to express

Just that in love I was,

Passed are many winter nights

And long before - someone love my ways

Hence I'm married and I've kids.

Know you have child soon, heard voices

good bye! meet ou never even ome chances.