Technology; an invention has always shown an impact on human mind. Whether it be a game or someone's fame through that game, whether it be a car or a war inventions and advancements have always occurred and has impacted human lives. Even the humans are being born using "test tubes, IVF".

Coming to the last decade: smartphone and it's advancements has impacted a lot. Access to the internet, social media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) have brought a revolution.

There're seventy percent of people using using the social media for entertainment and remaining 30 percentage including me use the social media to show my skills and talents.

I'm an artist, poet, photographer, lyricist, videographer, has participated in stand-up comedy. I've used internet to publish my poetry (by typing "Peesapati" on you'd get six published books of mine.) By typing pvpd Sri Harsha on Google and You Tube you'd get all my bio data and the works and the information related. My songs are available on YouTube

Advantages: For me smartphone and internet have been very helpful as the applications like Facebook and Instagram help me upload my song videos besides YouTube. Whisper and Tumblr are applications wherein I learn lot of stories from the people around the world.


In whisper, people share their experiences, lives, their pain their struggle and remorse for being married, unmarried, being faithful, being cheated etc. On the same whisper I try to console many souls by making them smile, giving advice "social service". I believe in making human time happy. If I could make someone happy for that second while in conversation, I'd be the happiest. I'm habituated of saving screenshots of nice conversations. I write stories in combination with opposite people on whisper.


Something which is my favourite, my success symbol, proof and address. It has begun in 2014 when I had to create my resume. I had nothing to write in because I couldn't complete my engineering by 2014 and I had to apply for jobs. I've continuously attended few technical symposium in different colleges preparing some or the other topics and has posted videos for the first time on YouTube. Thereafter, different videos possessing my skills, art and creativity were uploaded to YouTube. The journey of life and the cooperation of fate was so that I was continuously getting awesome opportunities of taking videos. And in 2017 I've begun singing my own lyrics. Kevin is the host of this website. After getting first job in Aegis in 2014, fortune of this website has come in my way. It was 2007 I began writing and has never got published. I was very happy to publish my poems here. It has bring out my hidden talents as well. It's been a long journey. And has recently completed four years there. My photography is published here. Contests, challenges and awards. The encouragement I've received through the website was very helpful and great that I was prone to think in all the possible Angeles to take photos. My abilities increased. Now I'm a curator.

The year 2017 has come when I got "". Apple valley review, three penny review were the magazines I've sent all my poetry and got rejected.

Kik: I met Tanya from Thailand who was comics author and was published. Has shown me to publish my sketches.

Later I found few online website and then...

[] which has given me three magazines to publish my art as follows: wotisart magazine, A5 magazine and Average art magazine.

Simultaneously, I was on Instagram and from "waterdovewritings" I got create space channel and has published all my literature.

This was my journey with the internet, social media and the smartphone ( helped me searching and browsing ).

Disadvantages: I couldn't find any. Because I've utilised it to my best and it's best. has always help me finding jobs.

Skype, mobile phone always helped me receiving calls and jobs far from home without face to face interview.

Now, because of internet, I'm writing this essay as I found essay competition of monomousumi.

It's been helping media and news coverage as everyone has smartphones and is taking appropriate videos of the happenings over the world.

Even the news channels show the video covered by the people over the world than the reporters.

The awareness has increased in everything to everyone.

Conclusion: It's not that there're no negative feedback or I'm not focusing on; I found positive things, I've been through and I'm satisfied. Hence I've mentioned.

Jai Hind. Jai Bharat. Jai technology.


Profile of R.Manoj Aiyer
R.Manoj Aiyer  •  10w  •  Reply
Nice do read mine and provide suggestions

Profile of R.Manoj Aiyer
R.Manoj Aiyer  •  10w  •  Reply
Nice do read mine and provide suggestions