Be aware : Diseases


Plague, Jaundice, Cholera, Typhoid, Leprosy, T.B., Polio and many other diseases were fought in past. But we, human brains has failed to eradicate mosquitoes. Nor we could stop Maleria, dengue or other diseases spread by mosquitoes.

Though we have eliminated many species from Earth, we couldn't kill mosquitoes. How sad it is? We can go to Mars, or Sun tomorrow, but we can't kill the mosquito species.

Whatever, without being involved in extra marital affairs, without smoking or drinking alcohol, without having any bad habits, everyone is getting AIDS and CANCER. There are many unknown diseases on which researchees are still being performed.

- Let's discuss about some diseases which we can cure or we can heal by ourselves.

Speaking truth.

Considering and being concerned about the organisation you work for.




are the major diseases of the present society.

- - -

Speaking truth:

The disease which harms both the speaker and the listener. Which breaks all the relationships and sends one into his own mental asylum. My all personal experiences have gone fatal and harmful everytime I spoke the truth.

I can give you examples which will force you to think multiple times.

- As I'm working in a school, in a village of Rajasthan. I've told my Principal that he's worthless and has no powers of himself to execute nor has the capability of decision making. I may not be seeing it's effects now but someday I'll definitely watch.

We should always lie on customer service else we'd be fired from the organisation.

By and by I've suffered and suffocated through the same practice of telling truth.

Long ago, I've also written a poem on the truthful disease; full of truths.

- Considering and being concerned about the organisation you work for.

Many think and say, work for the amount you're being paid. I never did that, I've given much more, is the reason, sometimes I'm being scolded or mistreated. Though, my Previous has given me all the lineances or leverage, sometimes I feel pity and guilty.

I myself go to the vacant classes and teach them whatever I know and whatever I can, say the revision classes for other subjects.


Anxiety and eagerness to help others has especially put me into invisible bars. I get hit and torn apart in those bars of emptiness.


I enjoy none but I get it easily whenever I'm provoked. It's very difficult for me to control if someone says "you're wrong".

But, I guess, these diseases can be cured.

I'm well aware of the society and the disease it has. Hopefully, it should get itself out of it.

Expecting the results soon.

" Survey Janah Sukhino Bhavantu."