Some days, I reek of sad poems and funerals,

Some days, the non-fiction novel that always sells.

Some days, I'm the false ceiling proudly admired,

Some days, the polluted air freely respired.

Some days, I'm a barely breathing broken piece

Quivering to find ways to mend,

Some days, the dirty texts unsent.

Some days, I'm trying to be a good friend,

Some days, a weird Instagram challenge on trend.

Some days, I'm in love with him,

Some days, the hatred that I'm in love with him.

Some days, I'm the life, most scare to death,

Some days, the slow kisses of his morning breath.

Some days, I'm the f word spat out in frustation,

Some days, the “I don't know” said with hesitation.

Some days, I'm the girl her boyfriend stares at,

Some days, the unbothered love seeking pet.

Some days, I'm the cheap beer that gets you high,

Some days, an interesting game that ends in tie.

Some days, I'm the rainbow after the rain,

Some days, the screams that goes in vain.

Some days, I'm the trip nearing to land,

Some days, a hotel room for a one night stand.

Most days feel like scattered hopeless some days,

Yet my everyday hope that someday will not be most days.



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R.Sankar Narayanan 09  •  3y  •  Reply
Somedays, these stanza will hit😄😄