I know. Its as difficult as it gets. You spot all those cute trends and yet know that you can’t sport them. But, maybe you can after all. Dressing up is all about how confident you feel in your attire and if you are comfortable in your skin, you will look good. At the end, its not about how thin or how fat you are, its how happy you are. Keep this in mind while you go through the article. Here are my top five styling hacks for those curvy girls out there.

1) Wear deeper, open necks

Now I am not advising you to wear something too revealing, but a deeper, more open neck gives the illusion of a leaner bust. High necks and collars hide the lovely neck and hence makes you look hefty. Try wearing round necks and v-necks the next time you look for a top.

2) Don’t tuck in!

For most curvy girls, the thighs and waist is the problematic area. When you tuck in your top or shirt into your pants, your natural waistline looks more enhanced and wider. Instead go for a top which is a little longer than your waistline. If you are looking for a cleaner look, try tying a hidden knot for your tops and shirts, if they are too long, instead of tucking them in. But make sure the knot ends a little below your actual waistline.

3) Oversized clothing will not make you look thinner

Contrary to popular belief, loose, oversized clothes don’t make you look thin. They make you look even bulgier and your beautiful curvy body end up looking like a bean-bag. Try flaunting your curves, wear your actual size. Now I don’t ask you to wear those figure hugging tank tops, but wear straight cut tunics and t-shirts that is your own size. It shows your natural body in all its glory and you will look leaner than you would in larger clothes.

4) No horizontal stripes!

It gives the illusion of a wider body. Try vertical stripes instead as it will make you look taller and leaner. Also try wearing darker fabrics as they nicely hide those love handles. While lighter fabrics give you a more fresh look, they also end up accentuating those flabs.

5) Choose straight cut clothes instead of fit and flare

While it fit and flare may look more feminine, and may seem to hide your bulging tummy, by synching at your upper waist, what it does is make you look bustier and heavier. A straight clothing like a straight kurti or a straight dress gives you a leaner look. You can also opt for a-line clothing as they work for curvy girls as well.

For people who read till the very end, here is a little bonus hack- try layering your clothes by wearing a body hugging tank top and pairing it with loose shrugs or shirts. This makes you appear thinner than you would in a tunic. I sincerely hope these hacks work well for you, and if they don’t, just smile and be confident the way you are. If you don’t see yourself being beautiful, no one else will. Thanks for reading.

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