Two Degrees At Same Time - Legal Or Not?

Sona Chaudhary
Jul 24, 2019   •  268 views

One of my friends after completion of her graduation was totally confused about her next step. Some questions keep coming into her mind that what she should choose. Something based on her previous knowledge & education or something based on her skill. When it becomes difficult for her to find a solution she ends up enrolling in two degrees.Based on her previous education she chose masters in biotechnology (through regular mode) and based on her skills she selected masters in psychology (through distance mode).

But she was unaware of the fact that two degrees simultaneously in India is considered illegal.

According to UGC Public notice 2016 – “The commission had sought the comments of the statutory councils. The responses, so far, received do not endorse the idea of allowing students to pursue two degrees simultaneously.”

It left her confused that what will happen to her in future? Will these degrees be a part of her CV or not? Will she face some problems in her future just because of these degrees? And nobody was there to clearly specify on these topics and to solve her doubts.

There are the mix responses of people on this question- Whether two degrees are good or not for students? Some experts are supporting this fact according to them it expands the knowledge of individuals and also help them in their all round development.While other responded in against of it – According to them it’s not a good option for students as it is not practical and will give a lot of stress to students. It also give rise to many physical challenges such as - choice-based credit system, different modes of evaluation, faculty-student ratio etc.

According to Professor Nageshwar Rao, vice chancellor (incharge), Indira Gandhi National Open University, “Universities in India are more focussed on knowledge-based education. In such a situation, allowing students to pursue two degrees together may not serve the purpose of gaining meaningful education. The focus should be on skill-based education and the human resource development ministry along with other institutions and universities is working towards this. The National Skills Qualifications Framework is a step in this direction that aims to organise all qualifications according to a series of levels of knowledge, skills and aptitude. Allowing students to go for short-term courses in part-time/distance learning mode is a good idea.”

UGC however allowed an additional pg certificate or diploma course through regular or distance mode with a regular or distance degree.

It was not like it was banned from starting. In 2003, UGC allowed students to pursue two degrees one from regular mode and another from distance mode simultaneously. But in 2016 after figuring out all pros and cons it was considered illegal.

Now recently again UGC is thinking on allowing it again. According to economic Times of India, Students might soon be able to pursue multiple degrees simultaneously from different universities or the same university, with the University Grants Commission (UGC) studying the feasibility of the idea.

The UGC has set up a panel headed by its Vice Chairman Bhushan Patwardhan to examine the issue of pursuing two degree programmes simultaneously from the same university or different universities either through distance mode, online mode or part time mode.

Now only the time will tell us wether it give good results or not for students.