In India, traditionally women were only considered as homemaker. Their only duty was to take care of their family and children. They were not even supposed to take care of their own self. But now the era has changed. Today’s woman knows her responsibilities better. They are no more restricted to the boundaries of house. They now know their responsibilities towards their own self, their family and most importantly towards their country as well.

She becomes a powerhouse now who is fighting for her rights and making her mark in politics, business, science, sports, and the arts and in society on the whole.

In this golden age of globalization, digitalisation and start-ups are leading. The India is revolutionizing with increasing number of female entrepreneurs. These women are not just coming from established or high standard families but from all segments of the country.

Indeed, even country and semi-city business visionaries are taking huge jumps for womankind. A Kashmiri woman made 'Dial Kashmir' – an application that has turned into an extraordinary arrangement required virtual phone directory in Kashmir. India's first surfing participation changed into initiated by utilizing a young lady, who watched her heart the whole way out to the ocean. From advancing little cabin undertaking artworks to establishing normal suppers associations and beginning up new-age preparing modules – women crosswise over India are transforming their objectives into reality with resolution and determination.

But the picture is still not so beautiful. The other part of the picture is still hidden

According to the reports of times of India, India comprises about 30 percent of corporate senior management positions, which is notably higher than the global average (24 percent). But in the overall workforce, India is one of the worst countries in the world — 113th out of 135 — when it comes to the gender gap. And women entrepreneurs constitute only 10 percent of the total number of entrepreneurs in the country.

There are various obstacles in their path. Starting from gender bias which the women faced from the time of their birth to the social barriers and norms which they faced their entire life in some way or other.Education is also a big issue. Women outside metros are still not getting proper opportunities to hone their abilities and skills. However internet is helping them in fighting with these obstacles.

Be that as it may, the greatest impediment in this field is investment. Individuals in india are so occupied in setting aside cash for their girl's marriage that they overlooked that they likewise have an actual existence, a profession. One of the most disquieting realities about Indian guardians is their girl's Wedding Fund, which they begin putting something aside for since she is an infant.Are our social structures so imperfect that they cloud our thinking and keep us from understanding our little girls' aspirations and keep us from being her side a help her? When will we comprehend they are not just implied for marriage? That is by all account not the only day in their life which is intended for festivity. Each significant day of her life 8is as significant as her marriageher first day at school, her graduation, her first occupation, her effective work at a NGO, her advancement and each such minutes throughout her life likewise request to be praised.

Instead of investing money for her marriage, invest money on her studies and business. It will make her capable of finding one on her own and co-financing the wedding with her partner.