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Sakshi Jangra
May 28, 2020   •  7 views

The Tech industry has long been a male-dominated world but as we entered a new decade it is time to look at the position of women in tech. The participation of Women in Technology is very important to maintain equality, confidence, and justice.

This is some data that I collected from the Women Tech Networks website:

Respect yourself and others will respect you.  ~Confucius

Women’s Workforce

 According to a report by The World Bank, women make up less than 40% of the total global workforce. Women are generally employed in lower-paying jobs.

  • It becomes important to connect educated and talented women into a group to expand their skills. Sometimes, they are not even that much encouraged and supported than they deserve. Receiving a hefty pay sometimes can’t give you respect when they still consider you “not as competent as men”.

  • The world average of female top executives is 8% only.

  • It is important to let women lead to top positions/roles in a company. We need to fill the gap in Women's leadership.


Girls Less Likely To Study STEM Subjects At School: 

Inequality in the workplace begins with inequality in the classroom.

  • Gender stereotyping of STEM subjects has a direct link to lessen women's participation. Fewer girls choose the subjects in both high school and secondary education.

  • This thought acts as a deterrent for some female students who would be interested.

  • Girls are also less likely to be pushed forward in these areas. Reasons can be marriage, fear of society, “why only you?” situations or other circumstances.

  • The gender gap in technology starts at school and continues into further education and beyond.


Graduate Stats: 

Even though we have more females going into higher education when it comes to STEM subjects, that is not the case. While the rate of females graduating in STEM subjects has been slowly increasing, which is encouraging to see, it’s not enough.

  • According to UCAS data, just 35% of STEM students in UK higher education are women.

  • With the technology and digital transformation taking place, the number of programs has increased and so has the number of male graduates meaning that little has changed when it comes to the overall representation of female STEM graduates.

  • The fact can’t be denied that even if only-women opportunities can definitely help us, the count diminishes as we go higher in the roles at the workplace.

I have been going through various “Women in Tech” empowerment programs. It seems so fascinating to see the present communities like a dream come true.

WomenTech Network​ is a ​community that promotes ​gender diversity in tech. It connects talented and skilled professionals with top companies.

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