We all are the responsible citizens of india. And it's only us who constitute the entire Delhi. And we are well mature, responsible according to us .we are perfect for ourselves. But the question arises if we all are perfect then who is responsible for this condition of Delhi? Delhi is called as the rape capital of India. Delhi is most unsafe place for womens. Not only in rapes but the rate of all crimes is quite high in Delhi. Is this the government who is responsible or who are those people which are responsible?

Actually it's only us who are responsible. The way we teach our children. The upbringing children get from their parents and society is actually responsible.May be unintentionally but sometimes we teach children that girls and boys are different so they should also be treated differently.

When a child cry we usually told him why are you crying like a girl? It Leaves a bad impact on child’s mind that just because girls are weak they cry and boys don’t because they are stronger than them. Mother always ask her girl child to help her in household works but rarely ask her son that’s where the difference started. Child starts thinking that this is the only work of girls - stay in house and do the entire household stuffs.

A mother always teaches his child to respect his father but rarely teach him to respect her as well. And the result of this is the child always misbehaves with his mother and orders her for everything and scares from his father.

We have to understand the fact that change starts from home. As little drops make the ocean, big ideas can be better achieved by small changes, seemingly inconsequential changes. It is these little things that aggregate at a societal level and can drive big changes.

Include boys in household work

Boy can do anything in house. From picking up their plate after their meal to set up the table. They can also cook well or if not they can at least help in cooking. Just there is a need to involve them in these tasks and see how everything changes over time.

Have age appropriate conversations about gender stereotyping

Do a healthy conversation with your children. If they think that mother are just meant to work in house and fathers are supposed to move outside just because you are a housewife. Teach them anybody can do anything it’s his or her personal choice. And it’s not about that any work is gender specific.

Don’t impose your choices to children let them choose

It’s a belief that a boy will prefer to play with cars and guns and girls on other hand love to play with dolls. It’s just a belief don’t impose this on your children. Let them play whatever they want to play.

Gender is not an excuse for anything

Boys are boys what does it mean? Just because they are boys they are meant to be violent or aggressive. No it’s not right. Everyone has his different personality you can’t judge him just by his gender.

The change needs to begin at home, and the parents have a massive role in bringing that change about. So let’s start today!