Marriage Rules That Are Bad For Your Relationship

Neha Garg
Aug 29, 2019   •  93 views

Marriage is not a contract which should depend on the rules. Marriage is a relationship in which two people want to spend the rest of their life with each other without any conditions and rules. Marriage is their so rules should be their! Every person should live in the marriage because of their love not because of any rules and conditions.

But in our society there are some marriage rules which are bad for the relationship and some of them are below:

A. Change in surname

In our society it is very important to change her surname after marriage whether girls want it or not. If girls don't want to change her surname, the in-laws pressurize her to change her surname. This is the basic marriage rule of our society who force girls to change her surname. And this thing brings a little bit dispute between the couple and it is bad for the relationship. Because every girl has her own identity.

B. Household chores

In every marriage it is only expected from the girls to do all the household chores whether she wants or not. When the groom’s family arrives to meet the bride in her house, the first question they ask is, if she knows cooking and household work. It is also expected that if girls want to do a job, then she should complete the household work before leaving for her job. This marriage rule can bring a lot of problems in the relationship. This is why, some couples shift to separate homes after marriage. If you are one of them and are looking for good condos, you can find them here.

C. Boycott from friends

In the marriage every person wants that his/her partner don't need to keep a contact with his/her friends. Like girls never wants that her husband still keep in contact with his friends because she feels a little jealous from him when he gives less attention to her. In the same way bots will never want that his wife still keep in contact with her school, college friends because he thought that she will do his gossips to her friends. This is also the rule of the marriage which can create misunderstanding between them.

D. Can't contact to ex

Every relationship starts with the question that Do you still in contact with your ex?. This is the basic rules of the marriage that neither girls nor boys keep in touch with their ex. They are in fear that if this happens then there are chances that she/he will go to him/her. This thing creates some awkwardness between the couples.

E. Respect of in-laws

It is not only marriage rule but it is also a moral value that he/she has to do respect of their in-laws too. After the marriage boys had girls will bound into a new relationship with a new family. Everyone wants that he/she will respect my family too as he/she respects his/her family. But it is very sad to say that no one will treat their in-laws as their own family they will always considers as a spouse's parents. If their say anything wrong to his/her parents then that issue will convert into a fight and it is bad for their relationship.

F. Boys can earn money

All the money responsibilities are given to the boys. It is always expected from the boys that he will take care of every financial need of the family. When any financial crisis arise in the family that time boys will get the first preference to resolve the crisis, it is expected from the girls to support him only they can't go outside to earn money to resolve the crisis. It will create jealousy among them and it is very bad for any relationship.

G. Boys have to do extra efforts

This is the very weird rule of the marriage that only boys can go on the knees to propose get in front of the family. In that case, girls can only blush when he proposed to her. Not very girls wants this king of proposal some girls might think differently, she might have some different thinking for the proposal. It might be possible that she wants to propose him first. It can also create some problems between their relationship.

H. Dowry

Dowry is the main root for the destruction of any relationship. In today's era, today's youth don't want to take or give the dowry but our old generations still believe in the dowry. Our ancestors made a dowry as an important rule of the marriage. When two families are discussing about the marriage that time the groom family always ask that How much you will spend in your daughter's marriage?. If groom family accept the cash from the Bridal family then the girl will always taunting him for that and it will create the dispute between the couples.

I. Girls should wake up early

In the marriage it the rule that every girl has to wake up early in the morning before her husband. She should do the hymns in the temple and do all the household chores before waking up of her husband. Girls also want the extra sleep, extra rest but in the marriage that the girls should not take an extra sleep or rest because it will destroy the prosperity in the house. This extra work can bring a crisis in the relationship because girls will start comparing herself with her husband.

J. Boys can't do extra care of their wife

If women do extra of her husband then she is the best wife instead if boys do extra care of his wife then he will be recognized as a "TAIL OF WIFE". Every girl wants that her husband do special effort for her, take care of her but due to this name boys never take initiative to take care of their wives properly. This marriage rules is not bad only for the couple but it is bad for every relation. Because everyone wants the same love, respect and care.

From all the above points and discussion it is very clear that relationship should not be bounded on any rules.This marriage rules can impact the relationship very badly. Every relationship should be independent. If any relationship is bound on the rules then it will remain only contract not any relationship.