Wars and fights for ram mandir and masjid is not new in india. Communalism was a part of the country from a very long period of time. We have heard and read much about Hindu-Muslim unity. But we never actually felt this unity in india. And the concept of beef is always a reason for riots between them.

Till now the fight of religion was just among humans – only human beings are divided on the basis of religion that they are Hindu or Muslim but recently it have taken a new turn now we have also divided some food items on the basis of their religion. Yes you heard it right. And biryani tops this list.

Origin of biryani in India

The story of Biryani started at the time of red fort construction.

For the construction of red fort labours were brought from different countries such as india, afghnistan, iraq, persia etc. Thus the food habits of everyone was different . Making food was a challenge. As there were so many labours the food was cooked in a large amount. And that food should also be tasty and must contain all essential micro and macro nutrients which can give energy to the labours as there work needs a lot of hard work.

One day the main chef known as 'mughal Khansama' was on leave. So before going he instructed his assistant to cook the food. But the assistant forgot half of the instructions. So he started cooking on the basis of what he remembered. He cooked rice and meat in a pot and added all the ingredients or spices which he remembrered and made this dish biryani.

And when labours tasted that food they really liked it. And after sometime the news got spread and reached to the ears of mughal king and he also loved this dsh.

The lazyness of the assistant gave rise to this new dish invention and as he was mughal the credit of this dish went to mughals.

Beef in Biryani

Actually its origin has no relation with its communalism. The reason is the beef content which some chefs are adding to it. And just because of some chefs everyone is facing the issue.

Thus the beef is emerging as the main reason of this communalism. Police is collecting the samples of biryani to check the presence of beef in it especially in the districts of mewat. And people starts arguing ad fighting over it.

But its the people who are adding beef to biryani. There is no role which biryani is playing in it. Biryani is just a food and enjoy it as a food.

How can we forgot the fact that it's just food which is meant to fulfill the basic need of human being i.e hunger. And when it come to basic necessities i dont think abything is to be divided on the basis of religion or any other thing.