Is Love Marriage Is Wrong?

Jun 24, 2019   •  6 views

Love marriage is a term used primarily in South Asia, especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, to describe amarriagewhere the individualsloveeach other and get marriedwith or without consent of their parents.

The today's scenario of our country is that if a person is having love marriage or wanted to have a love marriage people stare at them like if they are committing a crime. People appreciate it as a matter of discussion but in practical life they don't accept this.

Marriage is a commitment of life time but how two unknown person give commitment to each for life and they call this as an arranged marriage.

People taught there children not to talk to stranger but how they expect a lifetime commitment to stranger just because of religion, caste, creed, color etc.

Both the conditions i.e love and arranged have their merits and demerits but when it comes to build a new relationship , trust is always taken into consideration . In later condition to build trust it takes more time and before it happens they are tied to marriage that's why maximum youths of today's generation refuse to do so . But in former condition two people know each other very well not only this but they have very good understanding, they have faith in each other. That's why todays youth prefer this.

People hate love marriages in such an extent , they can even kill people having love marriage just because of fake name and fame. Why they don't understand that there in nothing wrong when two people agree to spend their life with each other with their own consent . What's the need of consent of family member when the two who want to spend their life with each other already agreed.

So is love marriage is wrong????



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Thank you so much and I will do that definitely
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