Human values are the foundation for any viable life within society.They are the principles, ideals,fundamental Convictions and standard of behaviour that help in one's judgement of what is important in life.

Value means importance and education means knowledge, therefore qualities of humanity, honesty, responsibility, and empathy in a person. The main purpose of value education is the character development of students for the well being of individuals and society at large.

Need For value education

There is a need for imparting proper values among the students to encourage them for developing their own moral codes which help them in becoming a better human being. Moral awareness should be endorsed for the development and welfare of the society. let us understand the various aspects of appreciating the need for value education :

  • Correct Identification for our aspiration.

  • understanding Universal human values to fulfill our aspirations

  • complementary Of values and skills.

  • Evaluation Of our beliefs.

  • Technology And human values .

Basic Guidelines for value education

For Understanding value education thoroughly ,there are certain guidelines that should be followed.

  1. Universal : Value Education must be universally applicable to all human beings irrespective of religion,nationalism ,caste,creed etc.

  2. Rational :Value education should be based on reason or logic and not on blind beliefs.

  3. Natural And verifiable :Value Education should not be based on dogmas, beliefs or assumptions. It should be naturally acceptable ,valid, implementable and experientially verifiable by all human beings.

  4. All Encompassing :Value Education is not just the academic subject instead it is aimed at transforming our counsciousness and living. Therefore, it should cover all the dimensions (thought, behaviour and work) and levels (individuals ,family, society) of human life and profession.

  5. leading To harmony :Value Education should promote harmony within the individual, among human beings and with nature.

The process of value education

Value Education should drive a person towards self exploration. This process of self exploration has to be in the form of dialogues and not in the form of sermon of telling do's and don'ts. Various aspects of human values should be presented as proposals that need to be verified through experiential validation. Therefore, this process is expected to initiate transformation in our consciousness and living.

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