Harmony In The Self (I) -Understamding Myslef

Sohail Varsi
Apr 29, 2019   •  389 views

human being is the co-existemce of self (I) and body. The body is the instrument of self and self is the seer ,sorry and enjoyed .self is commonly active to fulfill it's need for happiness.

Why Should I study myself
  • The Self (I) is the basis of everything we do. All our desires, expectations, thinking, feelings, understandin etc. Come from the 'T'

  • studying the 'self 'gives us more clarity about ourselves and makes us confident.

  • It Develops our understanding and helps in making our relationships better. It also helps us to understand our program better.

  • It enables us to know our weakness and the ways to remove them

  • IT Helps in establishing proper synergy between the two entities I.e.the 'self' and the 'body'

Getting To know the activities in self (I)

The 'self's is conscious in nature while the 'body' is physico-chemical in nature. The interaction between the self (I) and the body is in the form of exchange of information.

There Are two categories of attributes of the self :power of the self (shakti) and corresponding activities (Kriya) I.e.the results of these powers.

  • Power :This is the basic capacity in the self 'I' .It includes desire (ichcha), thoughts (vichar), expectation (Asha).

  • Activities :These are the outcomes of the power of self. They are imaging (chitran), analysing (vishleshan) ,selecting /tasting (chayan/asvadan).

From Inside (in 'I') to outside (the body)
  1. When Desire is set, we start forming thoughts to fulfill this desire. FOr example, with the desire of leading a good life by having a car, we start thinking about what is that cost of the car, how to get the car etc.

  2. Thereafter ,we make selection to fulfill these thoughts. For Example, we choose the car (shape, colour etc) and then end up buying it.

Imagination is the sum total of our

Desires +thoughts +expectations

THe choices which we make with the external world are based on our imaginations .Activity of imagination in 'I' is continuous and keep going on in us, irrespective of whether we want it or not.

present scenario :problems, effects and solutions

Problem :our desires, thoughts and expectations are based on the pre-conditioning or sensations that are the main cause of unhappiness ,stress and discomfort in our lives.

Pre-conditioning means to assume something about anything on the basis of a prevailing notices without self -verification .

Effects of the problem :
Conflicts or contradictions in 'I' as a result of pre-conditioned desire
when our desires, thoughts and expectations are not based on our natural acceptance, they are known conflict and this, Co flirt affects us in different ways :

  1. wavering aspiration

  2. lack of confidence

  3. unhappiness /conflicts

  4. lack of qualitative improvement in us

  5. state of resignation

  6. short lived nature of pleasure from sensations