Our Education System : Percentage Oriented

Smriti Kandpal
May 21, 2019   •  58 views

Our Education System

Education system: Hello! How much you mugged up your book? Oh! No, no how many books you mugged up?I should ask this question right 2,3,4,5….How many?

Student: I have rote only 5 books still 3 are left.
So, hope you liked the above conversation. This is what our dear education system teaches us where mugging up is the biggest asset of the student. Where practicality has no importance, where talent is considered a bullshit, where marks define the mental status of the child. Wow! It sounds good know?Where the value of the student is based on his/ her report card. Yes, report card the ultimate goal of learning.

So, question is why don’t our education system value those who deserve?Why children are forced to rote those things which they have never heard or never knew the meaning? Why?

What is education? Have you ever questioned yourself? It is the process of learning and acquiring knowledge. It itself includes knowledge and knowledge is discussion, social skills, storytelling, training, discipline. But you ever realised that our dear education system is different, Oh! They want to make the indian education system unique. They want less humans and more parrots.

Dear toppers I’m not questioning your hard work or your success. Yes, I know you would have worked hard but before marks,before your precious report card their lies something very important i.e., knowledge. But our education system teaches us knowledge has no value, you have to value marks. These marks have the power to brighten up your future. Kill your talent, kill your dreams just focus on marks.

Yes , this is true every person is gifted with some speciality or talent. But why it is only few are able to convert their talent into their passion?

No, I’m not blaming schools, universities, parents, teachers and not even our dear education system. I’m just questioning our dear education system that why you don’t value the student’s interest, his talent?Why the student’s are compared with Sharma ji’s son, the most known personality right? Why students commit suicide just because of marks or report card ? Why those three hours define the hard work we did the whole year? Why we are forced to rote those things which we never experienced or observed? Why the so called practicals are not really based on practicality? Why it’s every time about merit list and not talent list? I know my question would never be answered.

Knowledge: The Ultimate Goal

But dear people I don’t wanna distract you from your path. Yes, focus on your mugging up skills. Ultimately , your marks are your future, your merit is the pavement to your career. This is what our education system is and I know it would never change because it is evident from the recent announcement of the education boardthat moral science, art, yoga, general knowledge these all subjects have been made compulsory in all the schools but at the same time students are also taught that these subjects have no value and our education system itself teaches us that value those subjects which provide you marks. Knowledge has no importance.

And yes students, teachers, schools everyone isfollowing your curriculum dear education system and so you should be proud of yourself. Hat’s off to you dear education system for not changing yourself. I don’t know why people say “ With time everything changes” because our dear education system has proved it wrong as it never changed and would never change.




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