How to Never Quit?

Wow, you are so beautiful,you have good height, you have health, wealth everything in your life. You are so perfect in your life.

So, what’s this perfection all about. Is this about our looks, beauty? No. Yes, I repeat perfection is not about these things. It’s not about the colour of our skin, not about our looks.

People want perfection in their lives. But wait… people do you know what is actual perfection all about? Because people run behind the ones who have perfection in their life. But reality is nobody is perfect. Perfection is temporary.

Rather, perfection is bringing the smile on the face of the needy and poor people. Perfection is loving those children who want acceptance in their life. But why people neglect them, just because they are not perfect in their life. But I say they are imperfectly perfect.

It’s not always about success. Like, success we should have an option or I should say a corner for failure too in our life. Because if it won’t be then somewhere somehow you get a “chance” to taste failure. I repeat if you get a chance to taste failure then definitely you would quit. But actual perfection is never losing your strength, hope and of course you should live for your passion. Because if you have strength to get up and learn from your failure. You’lltry, you’ll fail at once, you will try, fail, try, fail try, fail… Oops! Knock , knock people or I should say society is on the door with their prepared taunts. Just have a faith in yourselves, forget everything about the society. And never quit. Because we bother more about this society and forget to listen to our conscience. Live for your passion, your dreams. Nobody could have a control on your feelings till the time you allow them to. Everything is possible just be true to yourself. This society is meant to speak. This society is two- faced.

Champions Never Quit

Let me explain you through an example. Suppose you are very successful and perfect. So, the people around you would say, “ Yes, he/ she was a very hard working person , very dedicated towards their work. Yes, sometimes luck also plays a great role. But a very congratulations to you.

But if you would not be able to achieve success then the reaction of the society would be , “ Oh! You were a very hardworking person. What happened to you? Yes, I saw your party pictures last month. Maybe this could be the reason of your failure. You should be dedicated to your work.

So,don’t bother about others. And soon the day will come when you would proudly be saying. Yes I’m imperfectly perfect. And I’m happy in being imperfectly perfect.




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Short but very crucial. The moment we feel that we have to quit, we should try. "Rukne wala paani sadta, Ruknewala pahiya adta, Ruknewali ghadi na chalti, Rukhnewali kalam na likhti, Rukhnewali faujein haari.. Raah ruki toh manjil bharri.."