I have been loaded by this word "soulmate" by a person. We love to say that to friends, like yaar you are my soulmate. But have you realised after having friendship for atleast a year you come to realise that this is a person you connect with, this is the one you share a common bond, this is the one who have same sense of humour just like you. And top of all this it is the one you are comfortable with sharing any stuff, talking at any time, even crying at any time.

A laughter can be shared with anyone but when you are okay to share your low moments, your cry day with someone, that must be a soul-friend for you.

But you go back on your first day of friendship and think what thought you had while picking that person as your friend. I believe it will be nothing, sometime we have soul-friend from school. What a school going kid have thoughts of, may be very kiddish types like I will have their tiffin or I can copy homework from my friend. And sometimes no thoughts at all. That's the destiny which have allowed you to meet that person and as the time flew your bond grows.

Likewise soulmates are just a good comparison of a play , saw a seed today but you can't see the plant tomorrow or the day itself. You have to be patient, water the plant daily, like showering the love on someone, see whether the sowed seed receives enough sunlight, like caring for someone. Doing all this thing one day the plant will be grown tall, green, ready to give you some fruits or flowers. That you have received back as a gesture of good and loveable gardener.

Same goes to your soulmate shower your love, understanding, caring to that person. Have some patience the same you will also may get, or even sometimes more than you have given to your soulmate. But important thing is to have faith in your destiny and patience for the person you are with so that he/she can become your true soulmate.

Afterall soulmate are not send from hevens, your have to nurish them with your love and, time will make that person your soulmate.