Old love,

Have you been knocking at my door again?

I had written letters on half lit nights

Under the spell of your remembrance.

I had gone to ends to extinguish

The fire that was burning in me,

To forget what I loved and lost,

And the castle of sweet memories.

Do you know you cause a pang

Deep inside me when you ignite

The old, old love that was buried somewhere,

Now flaring up so bold and wild?

The time I had spent yearning for your return

Is lost in the oblivion somehow .

I can reminisce nothing in between

The last time we had met and now.

The puzzles had been fitting together

Since the beginning of destiny.

I thought I was the wrong piece to fit by your side,

But this time you came to fit beside me.

And we lock our arms around each other

As if we had never left.

Everything falls in place like before,

Old love, you are, indeed, my soulmate.