As a kid, I used to love playing. I know that holds true for almost all the kids even now (just the fact that video games have taken over hide&seek).

So whenever I was around trees, I looked around for buds. And what I used to do with the buds was, I squeezed them, trying to force the flower out. Some little petals used to pop out. I liked them, the beauty and the fragrance but it never seemed to last. I used to pop out the flowers and within an hour or so, they felt lifeless. I didn't put any meaning to it back then. But now when I think about it, it says so much about humans.


We're always looking for people who are mature, who know where they're going, who know what they want with life. Some even look for shortcuts or tips for growth.

But there ain't one.

You can try and pop the person to the mature side but it won't last. Learning from the mistakes of others is great but it's equally important to make your own mistakes. To fail, to learn, to make things and to ruin them. Because only by doing that can people truly know and understand themselves.

I mean you can take a lift and reach the destination by someone's maserati, it will be beautiful but when you walk the way slowly, patiently, losing the way and somehow finding the route again, falling, laughing, crying and then reach or maybe even before that, you'll admire and appreciate the beauty differently. It will stay with you. It will be a part of you and no matter how ever lengthy or inconvenient the path was, you'd cherish it forever.

So just don't pop the bud, give it time, let it grow, nourish it and when the time comes, it will turn out to be a beautiful flower.



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This is amazing💖
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